Personnel records

    As already known from the practice of business, disorder in the HR-records leads to a distortion of a personnel data and constant correction of errors in the best case. At the same time, at large enterprises, and not only there, re-signing staffing documents is very time consuming. When the document flow is poorly debugged, the work of HR-manager turns into a nightmare.

    Moreover, it is directly related to the responsibilities of other professionals such as accountants, which deals with payroll payments, advance payments, vacation, material aid and so on. And therefore, the personnel documentation errors are affecting almost all structure of the company’s administrative apparatus.

    In the worst case, a bad or outdated system of personnel records entails to failed inspections of enterprise by labor and tax authorities. To this outcome can lead both; the complaints of the workers who are not satisfied with the work of HR administration, and by chance, when inspection comes at the request of regulatory authorities.

    Anyway, a well-formed human resources documentation – is a legal justification for the legality of the employer actions. Moreover, these documents are also giving the benefit to employees who must present them as proof of belonging to the company or receive some benefits in state institutions.

    Broadly speaking, personnel recording — is a guarantee for both sides of the interaction, the company and the employee. Its correctness should be a priority for the department of HR. Only a small part of a company’s HR-managers may have the experience to analyze workflow system for errors and correct them. But often even this small percentage of staff can not cope with the task of optimization because of a large data flow and the demands occasioned by the current, daily work.

    Therefore, experienced managers use the services of outsourcing companies to achieve two objectives:

    • save resources on reducing staff, engaged in personnel records;
    • optimizing workflow system, the consequence of which is to improve personnel management and elimination of penalties for mistakes.

    We offer services in the preparation and development of new personnel documents according to clients orders. Caspian Accounting & Consulting Services is working with medium and big businesses and specializes in organisation of personnel records system. CACS experts corresponding to world standards level and have a huge experience in work with such issues. Turning to us to optimize the personnel documentation you get:

    • Documentation, specifically designed for your organization according to the provisions of the Labour Code, namely:
      • Labor and collective contracts;
      • Local regulatory documents;
      • Regulations and instructions on workplace safety;
      • Regulations on information security of your enterprise;
      • Forms for certificates;
      • Staffing orders;
      • Staffing and job descriptions, as well as other personnel documents.
    • A detailed analysis of your personnel system and recommendations of the leading CACS specialists;
    • Best prices for the european services;
    • Flexible system of services.

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