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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion are Our Priority

Equity, diversity and inclusion are very important factors for Financial Chain Corporation and priority of our strategy, as we consider the employees to be the main capital of our company. Happy staff is the key factor for success and development of FCHAIN.

Financial Chain Corporation ensures fair opportunities for everyone according to their individual needs. Equity is fairness and equality in future expectations, and the Company tries to define and take into account ethnicity, race, gender, disabilities and other specific needs of their staff letting all employees to have the same opportunities and treatment.

Taking into consideration all above-mentioned needs we hire people from different race and gender groups giving everybody the same chance.

Financial Chain Corporation is a company employing people of any age, race, sexual orientation, race, gender, physical appearance and religion, as we evaluate our employees’ knowledge, skills, capabilities and experience irrespective of their differences. We respect personality of everyone in our company and everybody respects each other in our organization. There was not a single case when our employee was judged for his/her difference in race, religion, gender, age etc. A new employee is a new and different ring attached to the colourful chain of our corporation.

Posting job advertisements FCHAIN wants candidates to be different, as difference helps us to choose the one we need. So, diversity leads to have a choice and the choice makes possible choose the best one.

Our company considers diversity to bring new and different ideas, possibilities, solutions and results, as many ideas and opinions lead to different solutions out of which we are able to choose the required one. FCHAIN supports human diversity, as synergy of employees with different race, gender, age, physical appearance, religion enriches the working environment which leads to innovations and new possibilities.

We have created friendly atmosphere for all employees to feel included, being an integral part of the staff and our employees support one another, because we all strive for the collaborative goals. Everybody becomes a member of the FCHAIN family starting to work in our company being confident to be accepted equally irrespective of her/his cultural, religious, racial, age and other differences, knowing not to be judged for diversity. We have created a diverse, but inclusive working environment for all employees giving them the same opportunities to demonstrate their skills, capabilities and knowledge to grow and learn in our company.

Financial Chain Corporation has created a working atmosphere without any discrimination and intolerance highly appreciating the personnel. Having created employee satisfaction, we guarantee productivity giving our employees opportunity to strive for effective performance and contribution to the company.

Equity, diversity and inclusion are the strategy and policy of our company having been proven for years. These factors make impossible possible and develop our company.


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