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Supplying the company with proper staff members is a complex and competitive task. It takes time and a significant amount of strength to interview and choose the candidates, and before that, look through all the applicants’ data and select the most suitable ones.

To avoid this diligent work, it is better to hire a company of professionals who knows how to do it quickly and proficiently.

Our recruitment services can choose employees according to the company requirements, considering a candidate’s unique skills and education degree. The selection of the staff members involves the following options:

  • preparation of lists with appropriate applicants;
  • organizing search of employees using comprehensive databases of the Net;
  • examination of applicants’ CVs and conducting interviews.

Top management should be selected among the foremost successful candidates with the required knowledge of the position. Thus, we have several simple recruitment elimination rounds: emails to personal meetings. We can be two steps ahead and manage constant workflow.

Additional HR Services

Since HR work is an intricate process that involves many actions, we offer some recruitment services other than just a simple candidate selection, like:

  • composing and creating lists with positions and duties descriptions;
  • providing consultancy about the state of the labor market;
  • using access to the most extensive databases to find the contacts of the valued specialists;
  • present ready up-to-date market statistics;
  • conduct all the necessary research on the labor market;
  • hiring employees based on their compatibility with the offered position;
  • taking into account the viewpoint of top management of the employer company;
  • arranging phone interviews for relevant candidates;
  • preparing psychological tests for the applicants;
  • proper evaluation of payment for different categories of staff;
  • making analysis and identifying the applicant’s competencies and weaknesses


After we finish the basic selection processes, our professional employees are ready to organize interviews for the best candidates under the supervision of the employer’s staff. We consider the advice we get from them during an internship or a probation period. We make a final decision after the employer shows the confirmation.

Advantages of Hiring FCHAIN Professional Recruitment Services

Our customers can save time, focus on their business, and leave employment to us. FCHAIN recruitment services can provide you with:

  • applicants’ databases access;
  • ensures complete confidentiality of any retrieved data;
  • define the skills and qualifications of the candidate based on the CV;
  • Provide customers with the support and proper staff members and conclude agreements with employees.

Our team thinks about all the necessary details in advance to avoid any inconveniences for an employer and a new member of the staff. We offer our customers specialists from the labor market and provide them full and clear documentation and contacts. By cooperating with us you get to do your business without any distractions.

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