The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are used worldwide as a universal language of accounting. It is valid and accepted in more than 113 countries including the European, that are using IFRS today and about 85 permit the IFRS reporting for their local enterprises.

That global paperwork standards allow us to work with customers globally.

IFRS allows lowering the cost of capital and helps to minimize the barrier for cross border investments.

We built our IFRS audit procedures policy regarding certain aspects:

  • The sphere of business the enterprise works in.
  • The forms of account reports, special applied software, number of employed staff, operational systems and ERP the company works on.
  • Chain of company suppliers, customers, debtors and creditors, owned capital, property possession and many other essential for business categories.
  • Structure of the company, regulations, hierarchy (foreign and affiliated corporate companies, shareholders, top management, buyers), number of offices, staff and legal organization.

Our professional team is familiar with IFRS standards and rules of audit. They are aware of how to carry out inventories, making financial and tax reports, fixed & intangible assets, presenting various reports with company revenue and cost-effectiveness.

By applying to our services you will have a chance to forget about paperwork and focus more on dealing with your customers and building perfect business.


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