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In addition to mandatory business activities, personnel administration is necessary for any enterprise. Human resources requirements are progressively stringent, yet many business owners may overlook potential responsibilities and fines for incorrect or delayed HR documentation. Ignorance of labour laws, including the labour code, doesn’t absolve entrepreneurs from violations.

To ensure the timely and accurate execution of labour contracts, orders, acts, and other personnel documents, companies require experienced specialists versed in labour laws. Additionally, in most countries, the mandatory registration of labour contracts on online government portals has been enacted. HR administration is inherently a routine and time-intensive process, necessitating at least one full-time HR manager depending on the enterprise’s size.
We propose entrusting your enterprise’s staff management to our experienced team for competent human resource management. By engaging FCHAIN for personnel administration services, clients benefit from timely document execution, proper storage, and significant time, cost, and energy savings.
Our qualified HR specialists handle all aspects of HR administration, whether starting from scratch or maintaining existing processes. We ensure compliance with current legislation and the labour code, guaranteeing timely document preparation upon application receipt. With us, you can focus on your core business while ensuring legal compliance and minimizing unnecessary expenses.

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