5000 people die every day

as a result of drinking

unclean water.

More than 1 billion people


don’t have access to safe drinking

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73% of beach litter

worldwide is plastic.

There could be

more plastic than fish

in the ocean by 2050

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Bees are important because they pollinate agricultural crops.

including fruit, fiber, nut, and vegetable crops.

Bee pollination adds billion of dollars to the global

economy annually to improve crop yield and quality.

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More than 3 million kids under the age of 5 years

die every year due to environmental factors like pollution.

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The switch to renewable energy is everyone’s responsibility,

and so numerous top companies have pledged

to go green or even achieve net zero soon. 

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Roughly 15 billion trees are cut down each year


  • To save nature by reducing the use of hard copies, sending waste paper products for
    recycling, and planting new trees.
  • To save the animal world, we create houses for homeless animals so that they can live more
    comfortably and safely. Thus, animals will tolerate uncomfortable climatic conditions
    more calmly.
  • To save our planet from plastic. Our planet is suffering more and more from our waste. We
    contribute to the reduction of the use of plastic goods and give the collected plastics for
  • To switch to an alternative source of energy and thus preserve the resources of our planet,
  • To use eco-friendly transport in the logistics company.


Humans are superior to all living beings and have a special mission on our planet, i.e., to take care of the environment. Sometimes we are indifferent to what is happening around us, and unfortunately, it is not a secret that humans make more harm to the environment than animals. When nature, i.e. all living beings, including humans suffers, the harmony of the world suffers as well.  

Financial Chain Corporation along with providing quality services, is aware of its responsibility for the environment and the planet and has decided to contribute to the protection of the environment and animals. The company is planning to place outdoor shelters, so-called houses for cats, to save them from rain, snow, and cold weather.   By the end of the summer, we shall have placed about 100 outdoor cat houses, and another 200 by the end of 2022. This activity will have been realized by 2025, and FCHAIN is planning to place about 1000 outdoor shelters for cats and other animals. 

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