Financial audit - FCHAIN

Accurate and timely financial reporting is an area of Financial Chain Corporation auditing. FCHAIN provides audit services that help clients to achieve the highest possible level of reliable financial statements without any substantive errors and misstatements (within reasonable limits).

While conducting an audit, the priority of which is intended to ensure the accuracy of financial statements for the user, we strive to obtain a conception of the internal control framework within the organization to estimate the risk of fraud. To confirm the amounts and the detected information, we are required to collect audit evidence. For that purpose, we make necessary procedures: inquiries, third-party observations and confirmations, physical examination, analysis and verification of the information achieved and etc.

FCHAIN team consultants are professionals who demonstrate the highest level of fulfilling financial audit and applying the modern approach in methodology of audit. This is achieved through a deep comprehension of business processes along with experience in our segment. Our skill has also allowed us to integrate an individual approach when planning audits that helps to reliably eradicate all the risks.

Financial Chain Corporation offers well-trained and experienced staff and brings local audit managers to the most of locations where audit is conducted to provide well-timed and efficient interaction. In practice, our policy of applying managers and partners to manage our audit teams is considered the main point of contentment of clients with our audit of the company’s financial statements.

FCHAIN Corporation audit experts conduct autonomous and unbiased audits, with you on your territory, giving special attention to ensuring their personal assistance and relevant support. Their methods and strategy of implementing the detailed inspection are adapted to your business area and specific field of specialization in order to guarantee you maximum degree of financial reporting transparency and audit cost-effectiveness.


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