Global Employer of Records - FCHAIN

Venturing into new business sectors requires huge time, cost and aptitude.  The nuances and intricacies of global and local compliance require a reliable partner to break down the obstacles for successful business and revenue growth.

Our mission is to simplify global expansion. We support this with a unique model that directly owns and manages established entities in every country.

Financial Chain Corporation provides you with international HR and financial specialists, optimal assessment and consistent support, as well as organizational benefits, visa support and needs in portability. In the meantime you can still concentrate on developing your business affairs.

FCHAIN uses its worldwide foundation and locally-consistent work agreements to enlist your labor force, and turns into their legitimate Employer of Record – this way you are free in maintaining your business.

Drawing in Financial Chain Corporation as your worldwide PEO commonly includes five unmistakable stages: commitment terms understanding, business assistance, managerial onboarding, regularly scheduled finance handling, and HR and regulatory help.

Regulatory Onboarding

As required, our nearby groups guarantee that all movement, work grant, compulsory protections, in-nation charge enlistments and other key affirmations and enrollments are made.

Commitment Terms

The extent of commitment between Financial Chain Corporation and the Client is affirmed, and the Client at that point approves the proposed terms of work that affirm that the Employee is to support only the Client in the nation of tasks.

Work Facilitation

Our master group drafts an offer letter and work contract as per Client needs in both English and the language of the nation of tasks. The group at that point makes the proper legal affirmations with neighborhood specialists and registers the representative at the nearby work authority.

Regularly scheduled Payroll Processing

We compute all administrative finance things including singular personal duty, government managed retirement commitments, protection installments, and we dispatch installments with payslips. We incorporate cost the board and repayment at no additional expense.

Progressing HR and Administrative Support

Our organization takes on the full obligation in managing tasks, dealing with all work related requests, making all suitable legal and different assertions as required, and taking care of any contentions and worker restorations or terminations.


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