Corporate & commercial - FCHAIN

Treating own enterprise with quality and skillfulness and building the correct legal structure of the organization, without losses and taking unnecessary risks, compels companies to seek the services of specialists.

Financial Chain Corporation renders full assistance and support at any stage of organization creation and promotion. FCHAIN will be your guarantor of the excellent start-up of the new business, company restructurings or corporation mergers, liquidation of legal entities and etc.

If you are intimidated by the volume of business and the responsibilities that are assigned to the business owner, we will provide legal advice and proper assistance whenever needed, to meet your business objectives.

Financial Chain Corporation runs best specialists to meet the interest of our customers. With our assistance and consultancy service you can understand the significance of your company, identify its greatest worth and potential, solve complex issues taking more intelligent solutions. Our goal is cooperating with enterprises not only as a legal guide but a valuable commercial associate.

Among legal services, FCHAIN covers in particular the following issues:

  • making timely workaday legal reporting and inquiries;
  • accompanying incorporation, liquidation of legal entities process and much more;
  • assisting with the reorganization of a company — in the restructuring or merger with other corporations;
  • preparing regulation documents for the company;
  • sharing legal advice with company top managers on any corporate issues;
  • drafting commercial agreements, formation of commercial contracts.


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