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Discover Great Job and Career Opportunities with FCHAIN!

Financial Chain Corporation offers excellent career opportunities both for experienced and entry-level applicants. FCHAIN cares about its employees paying appropriate salaries and benefits, leading to better fulfilling of their job responsibilities and giving them a chance to build a successful career.

Inspiring work environment, training of employees, professional growth, friendly employee relations are priorities of FCHAIN. The company offers mutual support and builds trust with its employees which are very important for the employees and the Corporation as well.

All job advertisements are posted on our career site and social media platforms, as well as on the partners’ sites. Follow only the job vacancies published on the above-mentioned sites, as job advertisements on the other sites are not posted by FCHAIN.

Applicants produced an effective CV, meeting the job criteria are shortlisted and invited for interviews. Applicants are interviewed twice. The first interview is conducted by the HR manager and the applicants successfully passed the interview have a one-on-one interview with the Company Management.  Then applicants succeeded in both interviews are introduced to the team, rules and procedures of the job are explained to them.


What is the process of hiring?

Self-reflection for a vacancy on our website in the Career section -> Apply online, applicants who produced an effective CV and met the job criteria are shortlisted and invited for interviews. -> Interviews-Applicants are interviewed twice. The HR manager and the applicants conduct the first interview successfully passed the interview have a one-on-one interview with the Company Management. ->Decision and offer, Then applicants who succeeded in both interviews are introduced to the team, rules and procedures of the job are explained to them.

Can I submit my application to a local branch?

No, to be considered for a program, please apply directly online.

I applied for a position. What happens next?

If your experience and skills are a good fit for the role, the recruiting team may be in touch regarding the next steps. Visit the How We Hire section for more information and tips on applying for positions.

Once you’ve taken some time to focus on what you’re looking for, you can get a better idea of who we are, what we’re about, and what it’s like to work at FCHAIN.

I’m receiving an error when I log in to the Careers website. What should I do?

Browsers such as Safari, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge do not provide the optimal user experience, and all application process features may not be available. We highly suggest you use Chrome.

If you’re using the recommended browser and still experience issues, try clearing your cache and cookies.

To clear cache and cookies:


  1. In the top right corner of the Chrome browser, click the three dots to open the More menu.
  2. Click More Tools > Clear browsing data.
  3. At the top, select a time range. To delete everything, select All time.
  4. Next to “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files,” check the boxes.
  5. Click Clear data.

Can I subscribe to receive updates about new job opportunities?

You can subscribe to get notifications about new job opportunities which will meet your job preferences. You can also check updates about new job opportunities on our official social media pages and our website in the Career section.

How can I find more jobs within my specific interests?

Applying filters can help with narrowing your search. You can use filters based on location, job category, and function. To view more options, select View All and Clear All to remove any added filters.

What are knowledge, skills, and abilities?

While minimum qualifications determine whether a candidate is eligible for a position, the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) are necessary qualities that enable an incumbent to perform successfully within the work.

What is the difference between bare/minimum and preferred qualifications?

Basic/Minimum Qualifications: 

The “basic qualifications” that an applicant must possess means qualifications that the contractor advertised to potential applicants or criteria that the contractor established in advance. In addition, the staff must be:

Non-comparative among job seekers in the applicant pool.

  • Acceptable
  • Example: three years experience as a college-level lecturer. Unacceptable example: being one of the top five candidates in years of experience as a lecturer.
  • Objective.
  • Acceptable example: a bachelor’s degree in accounting.
  • An unacceptable example is a bachelor’s degree in accounting from a highly ranked school.
  • Relevant to performance of the particular position.

Preferred Qualification:

The “preferred qualifications” are those additional qualifications that make a candidate ideal but may not be necessary to perform the job successfully.

What are the guidelines for evaluating applicants?

The most critical aspect of evaluating applicants is to ensure that each applicant is measured objectively against the stated required qualifications for the position and consistently with other applicants.

When selecting the interview, Equity, diversity, and inclusion are essential factors for Financial Chain Corporation and the priority of our strategy, as we consider the employees to be the principal capital of our Company. A happy staff is a critical factor for the success and development of FCHAIN.

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