How we hire

Discover Great Job and Career Opportunities with FCHAIN!

Financial Chain Corporation offers great career opportunities both for experienced and entry-level applicants.  FCHAIN cares about its employees paying appropriate salaries and benefits leading to better fulfilment of their job responsibilities, as well as giving them chance to build a successful career.

Inspiring work environment, training of employees, professional growth, friendly employee relations are priorities of FCHAIN. The company offers mutual support and builds trust with its employees which are very important for the employees and the Corporation as well.

All job advertisements are posted on our career site and social media platforms, as well as on the partners’ sites. Follow only the job vacancies published on the above-mentioned sites, as job advertisements on the other sites are not posted by FCHAIN.

Applicants produced an effective CV, meeting the job criteria are shortlisted and invited for interviews. Applicants are interviewed twice. The first interview is conducted by the HR manager and the applicants successfully passed the interview have a one-on-one interview with the Company Management.  Then applicants succeeded in both interviews are introduced to the team, rules and procedures of the job are explained to them.