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An Internship Programme at FCHAIN

An Internship Programme at FCHAIN

Financial Chain Corporation offers an internship program to students, graduates and young people, giving them an opportunity to work with professionals and learn from them.  Interns will be able to gain experience and knowledge before starting to look for full-time jobs. Students and young people are required to have some experience before they are hired by the organization. Most graduates do not have any experience, and it causes problems while finding jobs, as the first question they are asked at interviews is about their experience.

FCHAIN provides unique opportunities for both new graduates and university students to learn goal-specific skills and gives them experience with technology, people, projects and training programmes. We will teach you to master all rules, regulations and procedures in the workplace, including communication, punctuality and time management, which are key factors for success at work.

Start professional learning experience with us and build a path for your future full-time work.  If you want to gain valuable work experience in a particular field or in a number of fields, come to our Company, and we shall provide you with practical learning opportunities that cannot be taught at school or university.


Can all graduates apply for an internship?

No, applicants must continue his/her education at a university or equivalent educational institution or be graduates under 25.

Are internships remunerated?

Yes, all FCHAIN interns are paid.

What is the internship procedure and where do students have to apply to?

All internship options are given on the career page. Students or graduates must be available to start and continue an internship during the entire duration of the Applications have to be submitted directly online.

What is the best time to apply for the summer internship programm?

Internship programms are posted all year through. Applicants are recommended to apply for a summer internship well before the start of the season.

Which hiring processes do candidates have to go through?

First, all applications are reviewed against the requirements of the position they have apllied for ,and short-listed students and graduates meeting requirements are invited to an interview with a recruiter. Then the candidates are interviewed by the hiring manager, and the strongest candidate is recruited for the internship.

Can I do more than one internship?

Yes, students and newly-graduates can apply for a few internships at once.

Which FCHAIN teams offer internship?

Our Company offers internships in the departments of Technology, Finance, Legal and Human Resources.

When should I hear from someone regarding my application?

After submitting your application, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your application. If your experience and skills are a good fit for the position, the recruiting team may be in touch regarding the next steps.

FCHAIN’s hiring process is an essential part of our culture. FCHAIN care deeply about their teams and the people who make them up. We also care about building a more representative and inclusive workplace, which begins with hiring. To truly build for everyone, we know that we need a diversity of perspectives and experiences, and a fair hiring process is the first step in getting there.

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