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Independent economic (investment) audit in the first place is the guarantor of actuality of financial reports, which are prepared by regular staff.

Knowledge of the company’s actual financial situation – it’s almost a guaranteed position, which is one jump ahead of a possible crisis. Even global conferences and reports are not always given to the managers’ accurate reflection of the economic situation.

A classic outside audit is essential in monitoring compliance with the accounting reports on law and identifying the various internal negative factors, such as embezzlement and accounting distortions.

Today, outsourcing companies offer a wide range of varieties of outside audits. This could be explained by the constant rise in standards of/for all areas of business development, mainly due to competition in the services market.
According to the basic principles of strategic planning, long-term profit is possible only if the company keeps a permanent positive balance in all spheres of its activity. A well-organized economic and financial reporting is practically the foundation of your business’s reputation.
Our team has extensive experience in the inspection of any form of accountability. Thanks to the joint work of highly qualified professionals, FChain can offer a wide range of services for an outside audit.

Our audit allows solving many issues related to improving the quality and efficiency of accounting, as follows:

  • to optimize accounting and ease the regular work of the accounting department;
  • restore the relevance of economic information about the company;
  • increase the potential of the company in the eyes of investors;
  • organize the accounting for the implementation of IFRS;
  • to be able to credit from banks with international status;
  • improve the profitability of the company’s assets;
  • increase the efficiency of business operations and more.

We provide an independent tax, accounting, and human resources audit, which is aimed at improving the general standards of accounting for the company. Our specialists can process all this information about the client’s business operations, accumulated over months or years, and provide a detailed report in the shortest terms.

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