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A modern business environment has become highly challenging and competitive, so accounting is getting more complicated. Thousands of enterprises worldwide are using outsourced accountants, which is a sensible solution to optimize personnel records and concentrate on the core activity. It’s a reasonably economical and time-saving decision, but if you need a reliable partner in solving any accounting problem – we are the right choice.


Stable development of your core business

It’s a necessary procedure affecting the whole enterprise accounting and should be performed regularly to avoid tax penalties or claims from labor inspection. But an experienced manager should know that keeping an entire segment of the accounting at the enterprise causes a lot of financial difficulties and commits to having specialized qualified staff, which in itself is costly. That’s why we offer our professional aid in keeping your personnel records in an excellent state. Take time and strengthen your core activity while we outsource your personnel records.

FCHAIN: experience and efficiency

To maintain a healthy and productive work atmosphere among employees, the recruiters should take measures to ensure:

  • particular development programs;
  • allowances and some benefits related to payroll;
  • timely salary payments;
  • flawless bookkeeping;
  • ordered HR documentation and much more.


FCHAIN – is an outsource multi-profile consulting company with broad experience. We offer only high-level assistance in keeping personnel records, payroll, and accounting. The competence of FCHAIN experts is proved by dozens of successful projects and satisfied clients. You get reliable assistance and guaranteed progress by entrusting your documents to our corporation.

Five reasons why every company should optimize its personnel records by outsourcing

  1. You can constantly monitor records data regarding attendance control, personnel costs, manageability of stuff, and other helpful information to handle complicated managerial tasks.
  2. You are always aware of your business sector’s current labor market and employees’ wage levels.
  3. Knowing the relevant information about staff and personnel documentation, your company can afford to make an audit of vacancies and hire much more qualified specialists.
  4. Keeping personnel records allows you to maintain the company’s goodwill in the market and be competitive.
  5. Keeping personnel records helps revitalize the enterprise and inner labor relationships between staff, which clearly positively influences work effectiveness.

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