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Today many popular consulting services, as an outsourcing, are playing quite significant role in commercial spheres of entrepreneurship. Foremost, it’s an efficient way to improve the profitability of administrative (economical) processes. Many of the leading enterprises in the world are taking advantage of third-party cooperation and being successfully engaged in their main activity, involve many small outside consulting companies. Such strategy opens huge opportunities in the development of a competitive business. FCHAIN Corporation can name three main reasons, why the outsourcing in accounting area will be helpful for any commercial enterprise.

Convenient way to optimize the entire internal organization

Outsourcing allows to overhaul the HR-policy, optimize the duties and make your employees more efficient. It explains by full transparency, which coming through delegation of all accounting issues to the professionals, who are taking full responsibility for their deeds and making regular reports to keep their clients informed. So you can be constantly aware of your finances and successfully manage all issues concerning accounting. Control over your accounting – is a half of success in business.

Cheaper than the full-time accountants

It’s obvious, that a common accounting department must have at least one specialist for each separate type of accounting to manage the daily workflow. And to keep the full department of high qualified specialists – is a very expensive measure, especially if your company specializes in a completely different area of business. In this case is much more profitable to use outsourcing help to avoid unnecessary spending on administrative issues concerning staff maintenance, because you will exactly know what you pay for.

Best way to reach the international standards

More than ten years FCHAIN Corp. provide all types of accounting services on the highest level. Relying on our expertise, we can defiantly say that the most part of our clients has gained a big boost in business development during our collaboration. FCHAIN proposes a full consulting maintenance of client and wide range of accounting services, which are:

  • outsourced accounting support and financial calculations;
  • taxation (tax calculations, tax optimization, preparation for tax audit, tax planning etc.);
  • primary documentation processing;
  • records recovery;
  • qualified cash flow management;
  • budgeting and financial projection;
  • preparation and integration to IFRS;


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