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  • Ella Lekishvili is a lady without whom we can no longer imagine the Georgian Branch of the Financial Chain Corporation! - FCHAIN

Ella Lekishvili is a lady without whom we can no longer imagine the Georgian Branch of the Financial Chain Corporation! - FCHAIN

Recently, we talked about the five-year anniversary of the Tbilisi branch of our company, and congratulated its staff on this significant date. However, there is one more date this autumn, which we simply cannot pass by.

It is directly related to the anniversary of the Georgian branch, and even more than that, after the passage of time, it is not thought of separately from it. This, as you already understood, is the date of five-year activity of Ella Lekishvili in her post – a brilliant specialist, permanent leader and head of the Tbilisi branch of the Financial Chain Corporation.

They say that there are no indispensable persons, but I somehow cannot believe this phrase looking at what Ella has managed to do over the years! In 2015, Ella Lekishvili began to form her team almost from scratch after a corresponding proposal from the management of the head office of our company. She raised and nurtured the branch, almost like a small child. She believed there were no trifle things in this business, everything was important and necessary.

Careful selection of premises for an office, selection of necessary and comfortable furniture, selection of up-to-date office mechanization facilities, especially computer technology. And the main resource on which Ella focused her efforts was human resources. People, a professional and well-coordinated team are those who determine the future success of the company with clients and partners. Being herself a professional of the highest standard, Lekishvili scrupulously selected the composition of her team in the most attentive way paying attention to both their professional and human qualities. And, as subsequent work experience showed, she was not mistaken!

As eraly as the very first year of its activity after its foundation, the branch showed excellent financial results and reached self-sufficiency. The increased number of orders required an increase in staff, and over the following years, the number of specialists at Tbilisi FCHAIN quadrupled. And the number of satisfied customers increased tenfold!
Currently, the Georgian branch of FCHAIN is one of the leaders in the Georgian outsourcing market providing local enterprises and companies with a full range of services in the field of business consulting. The specialists of the branch are especially strong in accounting, tax, legal and audit services. During this time, Ella Lekishvili and her colleagues have implemented many projects in various fields of industry and business.

Many grateful responses were received to the Tbilisi branch and personally to its head. These words of gratitude came from different companies, both small and well known. All of them are dear to the hero of the day, but it is worth mentioning such well-known companies as DHL, EVENTRA, Mountain Freaks, La Gelateria, Sanofi, Philip Morris Georgia, Erhmann, VISA, Roust and DHL.
Deep knowledge of accounting specifics, the highest professionalism and responsibility, competent assistance throughout the entire project, as well as punctuality in everything – these are just a small part of the qualities noted by the feedback from grateful clients and partners addressed to Ella Lekishvili and her team.

• Reference. The Georgian branch of FChain successfully renders about fifty types of various services to its customers. These are services in the field of accounting and finance, such as accounting, tax optimization, cost reduction, etc. These are legal services, including consulting on foreign economic activity and arbitration, registration and liquidation of companies, registration of customs documents and work with state authorities to protect the interests of customers, as well as outstaffing and investment audit services.

Orientation to the interests of clients and a purely individual approach to their requirements are the basis of the relationship on which all the work of FCHAIN and its Tbilisi branch is based.
Today, during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and the widespread economic recession, Georgia, however, like the whole world, has been going through hard times for more than six months. Nevertheless, the head Ella Lekishvili was able to find opportunities so as not to dismiss any of her employees! On the contrary, the company has regrouped in accordance with difficult circumstances and continues to work with clients in a new format – partly remotely, partly in the office. But this work is organized by Ella in such a way that the difference is completely invisible for the clients, and does not in any way affect either the timing of the work or its quality.

The managers of the Financial Chain Corpration highly value the activities of their Georgian counterpart, Ella Lekishvili. The top management, the entire staff of the head office, and employees of our branches sincerely congratulate Ella on this first anniversary date in our friendly company. We hope that we will have pleasure for many more years to work together with the young, smart and charming Ella Lekishvili, and we wish her and her team health, success, peace and prosperity! Until next 10th anniversary, dear Ella!

Information prepared by,

Lala Mammadova,
Public Relations Assistant

  • Author: Gunel Musa

Public Relations Manager



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