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The key factors of Our Success - FCHAIN

FChain is a globally known company having 9 branches in the world and cooperating both with local and foreign companies.

Our success and achievements are proven with the recommendation and appreciation letters of the firms and companies we cooperate with. Once cooperating with our company  the clients continue working with us, as we gain trust and confidence of FChain clients. Our services are transparent, available, professional and we have affordable prices.

FChain provides the following legal services: bookkeeping and accounting, global employer of records, global payroll, recruitment, consulting, corporate and commercial, IFRS, financial audit, registration of enterprises.

The success of every company mainly depends on the organizational structure, staff and working atmosphere. Professional and happy staff will be busy with their work and do all they can for the success of the company.

We would like to share with you the key factors of FChain success. We consider that the staff we hire should have the following qualities, most of which they are taught at our company:

  • presentable appearance, self-confidence, good manners, pleasant, and persuasive speech;
  • good oral, non-verbal and written communicational skills, which mean attracting the clients’ attention and finding out their demands, demonstrating not only your speaking, but also listening ability as well. Answering clients’ requests in a timely manner and professionally is of great importance. The client should see that you do not only hear him/her, you are listening and making adequate conclusions.

It is very important when both oral and nonverbal messages work equally during conversation. While speaking you should use verbal communication, but listening demands more non-verbal one. The listener must be sure that you are listening to him attentively.

Supervisors should have:

  • good organizational skills and theoretical knowledge, patience, but at the same time they must be professional, friendly, demanding and responsible.
  • good analytical and logical reasoning skills, problem-solving abilities, good planning skills.

All staff should master technological skills, including word processing, presentation, time managing, practice-related software applications to be effective in their jobs.

Importance of Team Work

Staff do not work in a vacuum, even solo workers must rely on support of co-workers and supervisors. Teamwork is one of the important factors of success, as it enables to share ideas and responsibilities working as a whole. It means reaching common goals by working together, sharing knowledge, information and practice among colleagues, even among clients. Teamwork includes attending and participating in company events, meetings and conferences.

These are the key factors of FChain to success and development that enable better work and high quality services.

Cooperation is a joint effort satisfying each other. So, cooperate with FChain Financial Corporation to be satisfied with our services.

Article is prepared by

Nargiz Mammadova

Public Relations Manager

  • Author: Nargiz Mammadova

Public Relations Manager



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