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The interest of the Members of the Caspian Energy Club in Cooperation with Uzbekistan

On November 24, a meeting with a delegation of the Caspian Energy Club members, headed by Telman Aliyev, Chairman of the Club, was held at the Uzbekistan Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade in Tashkent.

The participants discussed the prospects for establishing bilateral cooperation with the intended goal of the joint implementation of investment projects in the spheres of information and communication, pharmaceutical, and textile industries.

The Uzbekistan delegation stated that favourable conditions had been created for foreign investors, including Azerbaijan, and they expressed readiness to provide support for their activities. The parties agreed to hold regular conferences between the Caspian Energy Club and the Agency for Attracting Foreign Investments in Uzbekistan to organize a visit of a delegation of representatives of IT companies and manufacturers of textile products from Azerbaijan to study the implementation of co-projects.

Having discussed the issues of establishing information cooperation, the parties agreed to extend the coverage of investment opportunities created in Uzbekistan in the Caspian Energy magazine, distributed in 19 countries worldwide with a circulation of 50-70 thousand copies.

As a result of the meeting, the Azerbaijani and Uzbekistani delegation expressed their deep interest in bilateral cooperation and agreed to establish an office of Caspian Energy in Tashkent, taking into account the growing interest of the business circles of the region in establishing a business in Uzbekistan.



  • Author: Gunel Musa

Public Relations Manager



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