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The First Family Games Drew more Interest than Expected

On December 26, the Azerbaijan Athletic Federation and the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Azerbaijan hosted the first Family games, dedicated to the World Azerbaijanis Solidarity Day and the New Year, in Baku, supported by Financial Chain Corporation.

It was Namik Asadov, Chairman of the “Running for All” Committee of the Azerbaijan Athletic Federation, who had offered the idea of conducting a sports game where parents and a child born in 2012 or younger from each family could be able to compete and have fun playing together. The game was only for amateurs, and professional sportsmen were not allowed to take part in the games, and that’s why there were only simple disciplines for competing, i.e., throwing a three-kilogram fitness ball for men and jumping from a place for women. But the children competed in a 60-metre run. There was a relay for a long distance to allow more families to take part in the games. There were participants actively engaged in sports, but not all of them were involved in sports.  A gentleman, who was an IT specialist, won the fitness ball competition.

Mr.Asadov mentioned that they had only expected 10 -15 families to take part in the competition, but 24 families applied to compete in the games, which had only been announced two weeks before. The purpose of the family games was to promote a healthy lifestyle among people and arouse interest in going for sports. Namik Asadov said that they were pleased with the results of the first family games, as all participants asked us when the next games were to be held, because they were going to prepare for them better. And we decided to hold it annually, and the next family games would be in November of 2023, which we were going to announce in advance and hold a promotional campaign.

The “Run for All” has held six different sports events in Baku and some regions of Azerbaijan this year, and they are to increase the number of competitions for amateurs next year.

The hashtag of FCHAIN for family games was: #BETTERFUTURE

The family games were not only a great motivation for sports, but they contributed to doing sports with the whole family as well. Such sports events will lead families to understand the importance of sport in life, and they would not only like their children to be involved in sports, but they will also spend their spare time in sports clubs or stadiums or even do sport everywhere, including their flats, parks or even streets. One can do sports anywhere if he/she wants to. There is no barrier to engaging in sports. The only barrier to it is the person himself or herself who does not take care of his/her life, as a sport is healthy and it means health.

Financial Chain Corporation is not only an official sponsor of Trikids Triathlon Club and ProSport school , but it supports sports events,  paying much attention to sports in the country  considering it a very important factor for the future generation.

“A healthy body is the guest chamber of the soul; a sick one, its prison.”  Francis Bacon (an English philosopher and statesman who served as Attorney General and Lord Chancellor of England the XVI century).

  • Author: Gunel Musa

Public Relations Manager



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