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Qualified Services by FChain Tashkent

The Tashkent branch of Financial Chain Corporation started in 2019 and has become one of the best outsourcing companies providing qualitative services in a number of fields in Uzbekistan.  The professional and skilled staff have already built trust with clients and they can count on the highly qualified team rendering services in a timely and reliable manner. The qualified employees of Fchain Tashkent offer the best solutions in financial, legal and management issues carrying out the work skilfully for reasonable prices. It has been providing services in: Accounting, Restoration of Accounting, Reporting and tax optimization, Consulting, IFRS, Legal, Registration of companies and individual entrepreneurs, Liquidation of companies, HR, Outstaffing and Payroll.

The professional team helps the clients with an efficient legal strategy, advices them in making decisions while rendering services. The highly qualified staff guarantee the highest theoretical and practical expertise combining experience and knowledge while realizing their work.

The Tashkent branch renders accounting services, i.e. preparing payroll, calculating taxes and other issuing checks, as well as filing of payroll taxes, calculating and recording deductions or employee benefits. Besides, clients are provided expert recommendations, options and strategies to help them to achieve the financial goals.

Restoration of accounting is systematization of documents, prevention of loss of profits and penalties by state bodies. It starts with analysis of initial accounting documents and automated accounting system followed by evaluation of errors and finding the ways to solve problems and so on.

The office offers a full range of services to local and foreign companies, individuals with tax obligations including tax planning and tax compliance to achieve maximum efficiency and tax savings. Optimization of tax is a tax planning including the process of reducing or eliminating the tax liability applying tax-efficient choices leading to the best outcome for current and future tax liability.

FChain Tashkent renders IFRS advisory services including the audit of the existing accounting practice and development of new procedures under IFRS having impact on the key performance of the company.  The professional and dedicated team helps to realize the process from “a” to “z”.

One of the services rendered by the branch is registration of a company requiring a number of documents and procedures that the skilful employees successfully manage with it. The professionals of the branch are experienced in liquidation of a company as well. While companies voluntarily of forcibly have to liquidate the entities they can do it with less losses and promptly using the Tashkent branch of Financial Chain Company.

Payroll service is carried out on behalf of the company that values its time and wants to ensure the employees and taxes are paid timely, as well as to calculate gross wages, subtract all pertinent withholdings and deduction, make deposits and prepare all employment tax documents.

FChain Tashkent provides high quality outstaffing services, i.e. a team performs all tasks for your company but they are officially employed by another company. The professional group of employees works for your project or projects only operating from outstaffing office. The company relies on the team as they are hired only by it.

Thus, FChain Corporation Tashkent office provides a wide range of services professionally, timely and skilfully. Being very satisfied with the services by the team the companies keep cooperating with it. Instead of hiring a full time employee they apply for the services whenever they need been sure of the results of the work. Would you like an individual approach, qualified experts, professional lawyers and economists, just apply to FChain Tashkent and the staff will fully please you with the services they provide.








  • Author: Gunel Musa

Public Relations Manager



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