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 Presentation of a Book by Bahram Baghirzadeh


The children’s books “Baku for Children,” Shusha for Children,” “Prague for Children,” and “Christian Churches in Azerbaijan” by Bahram Baghirzadeh are to be presented in the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, in a few days. The presentation will be in Czech.

This is another cultural victory of the Azerbaijan Republic! Having ancient traditions in all spheres of art, including literature, painting, architecture, and music, our country generously reveals its cultural treasures to the world, calling on all intelligent, educated people to touch and feel a thousand-year-old depth of the creative greatness of our wonderful nation.

We know bridges are not only built of steel, they are mainly built of knowledge, talents, and great traditions of friendship and respect for all nations, the latter being more powerful and eternal!

The children of the Czech Republic will get acquainted with the sights of Baku, Shusha, and Prague through Uncle Bahram’s eyes.

I am sure these books to become the first steps in their lives to begin climbing the magnificent bridge of friendship between Azerbaijan and the Czech Republic!” shared B. Baghirzadeh.

Translation of the books was made by Shebnem Asadova.

Financial Chain Corporation is the initiator and main sponsor of this project. FCHAIN always supports projects associated with children and the youth, as they are the future of the universe. By making children and young generations happy we make the world beautiful. One of the priorities of our company is to support children and the youth.

We are striving towards a better future for our successors!

  • Author: Gunel Musa

Public Relations Manager



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