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All interactions between Employer and Employee must be formalized by acts, orders, contracts and other documents within the framework of the labor legislation of the Kazakhstan, execution of HR documents is the legal obligation and responsibility of each entrepreneur while any interacting with employees. Labor legislation, rules and regulations change quite often, it is difficult to keep track of changes, all too often entrepreneurs do not pay due time and attention to this area, as a result companies meet with negative outcomes of such approach. For example, we may see that accountants or office managers performs duties of HR specialists in Kazakhstani companies and in this case, the company will have violations in the framework of personnel records management with a probability of 95% as HR document flow is based on labor legislation, special knowledge for execution of HR activities is required.

Generally speaking, legal or bookkeeping outsourcing of business processes is not suitable for all companies due to the large size of the business or some very specific type of activities. Personnel outsourcing is suitable for all companies without exception and in each specific case it will be much more efficient and economical solution than keeping a staff specialist or HR department. In modern realities, advanced companies are focused on the development of the HR Brand of companies, HR business partnerships for internal processes, which in turn is an expedient and far-sighted approach, that helps developing the core business, to gain markets, to increase turnover, profits and to expand business.

At its core, the process of personnel records management is the timely creation of acts of the Employer or other personnel documents when interacting with employees, it is a monotonous and time-consuming work. At the same time personnel workflow is important process due to legal requirements and must be done correctly, on time and clearly. Registration of business trips, vacations, time off, passes, transfer to a new position, creation of job descriptions, vacation schedules, timesheets, hiring and dismissal of employees, labor disputes, violation of job description – this is only a small part of the HR document flow process. Untimely execution of these processes is fraught with labor disputes, liability for violations, loss of expensive time of management, and as a result, it causes negative result to productivity of entity.

HR outsourcing is a smart and cost-effective solution for many companies. Why personnel records management outsourcing is a safe and effective solution:

  • The Labor Inspectorate may randomly arrange an audit to identify violations. With a team of FChain HR specialists, your company will pass any inspection quickly and without problems;
  • The employee is sent on a business trip, while the business trip order was not created for various reasons. In the event of any incident during the business trip with employee, the employer will have very serious consequences due to this violation, depending on the severity of the incident and its consequences. With a reliable HR outsourcer, all documents will be completed on time and correctly;
  • An employee can complain to the labor inspectorate about violations in the preparation of personnel documents or violations of his rights under the labor code, having with him incorrectly executed acts of the employer as proof. With a professional HR service provider, such an undertaking will fail at the very beginning.
  • If an employee often violates the working day by systematic delays or does not follow his job description and does not respond to verbal comments, timely executed acts on violations will resolve this problem quickly and efficiently. In the presence of all fixing personnel acts, such employee can be dismissed without compensation payments and without waiting for the expiration of the employment contract;

There are a lot of options that may arise due to problems with incorrect or untimely HR records management, it is impossible to list all of situations, we have indicated only a few vivid examples.

What FChain offers as part of the HR administration service:

  • Regulatory documents: orders, resolutions, decisions including hiring and firing;
  • Personal documents: labor books, standard labor contracts including contracts with full material responsibility
  • Records: employees’ data cards, staff lists, leaves schedule, labor contracts registry, work schedules;
  • Labor Contract processing on the enbek.kz portal;
  • Keeping records of the number of vacation days;
  • Records on rotation of employees, changes to labor contracts;
  • Personal files of the Customer’s employees;
  • Consultations under the labor legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

What savings does the company get by outsourcing the HR process:

  • The exclusion of the personnel specialists from the staff will reduce the cost of maintaining a staff unit or an entire personnel department;
  • Saving working space in the office, reducing the cost of office equipment, workplace;
  • Savings on vacation pay, temporary disability benefits during the illness of personnel officers, as well as eliminating the problem of replacing an employee of the personnel service during the absence.

FChain offers high-quality HR record management service. Depending on the number of employees in the company and the specifics of the business, you will be offered an individual solution at a favorable price. You can ask for advice using the contacts listed on our website or write to almaty@f-chain.com


Article is prepared by Ekaterina Kassumova,

Director of FChain Kazakhstan

20th of July 2023

  • Author: Gunel Musa

Public Relations Manager



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