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Outstaffing and Outsourcing services of FChain Corporation’s Uzbekistan branch

Financial Chain Corporation is a professional global outsourcing company having 9 offices, one of which being in Tashkent (Uzbekistan). The branch offices of FChain Corporation provide high quality services as their head office in Baku (Azerbaijan). It hires only professionals to protect a good name and positive reputation created by the Company.

There are some criteria for outsourcing and outstaffing services that are very important. The Uzbekistan office of FChain Corporation renders high level accounting, HR, Outstaffing, Outsourcing and Payroll services to its clients.  Many local and foreign companies in Uzbekistan apply to the Tashkent branch of FChain Corporation to optimize the time and effort required for corresponding accounting of mandatory tax payments and direct employment contracts, high-quality legal services in different issues trusting professionals of the Company. The services provided by the branch are transparent, mutually beneficial and qualitative.

Outstaffing and outsourcing services are very important and applying to Tashkent branch of FChain Corporation for these services allows client companies to save time and money for developing of their companies being sure of the result of work executed by the professional and experienced specialists. Besides, the client companies know that they will hire to their team professionals from any field in no time while selecting new employees leading to the rapid growth of the company. They are certain FChain Corporation team to take all responsibility for the calculation on wages and withholding of mandatory taxes, timely preparation and submission of reports to the regulatory bodies of Uzbekistan. As professionals of Tashkent branch track all changes and amendments in law and implement them in their practice, the client companies are sure their work to be done accurately, timely and correspondingly and they will avoid any fines, sanctions, penalties, prohibitions and restrictions in their work.

There are some main advantages of FChain Corporation services in Tashkent that attract many client companies to use its services. All issues are resolved appropriately and quickly, and the branch team always offers a few options for performing further actions taking into account and letting the client companies know possible benefits and risks while carrying out their tasks.

The clients are sure that should they apply to Tashkent branch of FChain Corporation they will have:  individual approach to resolving issues; a clear list of services, affordable cost of services; guarantee of results and absolute peace of mind about possible unforeseen losses, failure and waste; unique opportunity of developing business efficiency providing for the payment of all fines and removal of arrests; access to one of the best specialists in Uzbekistan suitable for the requirements of the company; absolute confidentiality of all processed information and personal data.

Outsourcing and outstaffing services of Tashkent branch of FChain Corporation are relevant both for large joint stock companies and individual entrepreneurs working in Uzbekistan.

While applying to Tashkent branch some important details of beneficial offers should be taken into account. Outstaffing or staff leasing services  reduce the amount of mandatory tax payments taking into account the number of hired employees, as well as let entrust real professionals with all routine work on personal records. Using the services of Tashkent branch the client companies are able to select specialists for vacant positions. In this case, the changes in the labour market are always monitored and requirements for vacancies are adequately formed. The specialists of FChain Corporation’s Tashkent office can also deal with direct dismissal of personnel, obligatory observance of all applicable norms of Uzbekistan legislation.

Financial benefits of outsourcing and outstaffing services can be obtained refusing to rent additional premises, as well as supplying them with equipment and office supplies necessary for work of an entire HR department.

The affordable cost of outstaffing and outsourcing services of Tashkent branch of Financial Chain Corporation is a serious argument and choosing the services of this office is your priority.

If you are in Uzbekistan or want to run business in this country or want to be provided appropriate and professional services, do not hesitate and apply to FChain Corporation’s Tashkent branch. Only you have to do is to call the number indicated in the contacts, make an appointment with the team of professionals and get opportunity of easy solution of basic daily issues. Our professional team is ready to cooperate with you.

  • Author: Gunel Musa

Public Relations Manager



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