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  • Our branch in the Czech Republic is also switching to remote work. - FCHAIN

Our branch in the Czech Republic is also switching to remote work. - FCHAIN

Recently, we wrote that in connection with the increased threat of the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic the Georgian branch of FCHAIN switched to remote work – home office. And we were warned that our other branches might follow this example. And the next one was the branch in the Czech Republic. This is due to the serious growth rates of the “second wave” of infections and diseases in this country.

So far, due to the epidemic free movement of people after nine in the evening is prohibited throughout the country until November 3, i.e. a kind of curfew has been introduced. Bars and clubs, schools and restaurants, many shops are closed. The work of the most of enterprises has been suspended. A fine of up to 10 thousand kroons (up to 500 US dollars) is established for violation of the regime,. The head of the Czech Ministry of Health Roman Prymula said that the government had ordered all state and commercial organizations to switch to remote work and limit all social contacts.

  • According to official figures, there are about 500 thousand people infected with coronavirus today in the country with a total population of 10 million people. Almost 2,500 patients have already died from this infectious disease.

Employees of our Prague branch got acquainted with the experience of their Georgian colleagues working remotely, and organized the process in such a way that this did not affect the quality of the projects, their volumes or the timing of their completion at all. Partners and clients practically did not notice the forced changes and receive any outsourcing services in full accordance with their requirements.

The branch management is in control of the situation. All FCHAIN employees are disciplined in observing the home regime and social distances during the necessary movement, and the company’s office at 184 Vinogradska Street in Prague is constantly treated with disinfectants.

The Financial Chain Corpration head office is closely monitoring the situation with the coronavirus in the Czech Republic, Azerbaijan and in those countries where our other branches operate. And in case of deterioration of the sanitary-epidemic situation, we are ready to switch to home office mode in order to reliably protect our employees and prevent further spread of the disease.

Information prepared by

Lala Mammadova,
Public Relations Assistant

  • Author: Lala Mammadova

Public Relations Assistant



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