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April is marked as month for payment of corporate income tax on results, submitted in frames of annual declaration 100.00 for 2021. If you would like to know deadline of CIT tax payment in April or if there any other taxes to be paid in April and its deadlines, please check our article below.

Full list of accounting activities in April you may see below:

  1. Calculation and payment of wages for March: 1 – 10 of April, 2022
  2. Submission of tax reporting –

before April, 15

  • submission an excise duty tax return in the form 400.00 and calculation for subdivisions in the form of 421.00

before April, 20

  • EEU for received imports – submission of an import application in the form 328.00 and payment of VAT
  • Calculation of advance payments on CIT for the II-IV quarters of 2022 after the submission of the declaration in the form 101.02.
  1. Payment of taxes:

  • 1st of April as last date personal transport tax for 2021
  • Before 5th of April individuals engaged in private practice pay IIT
  • Before 11th of April

final settlement of CIT, PIT, property, land and transport taxes for 2021;

CIT at the source of payment on accrued but unpaid amounts of income of a non-resident for the fourth quarter of 2021;

unified land tax for 2021;

excess profit tax;

  • Before 20th of April

excise duty;

amounts of indirect taxes on imported goods to the customs union;

digital mining fee;

  • Before 25th of April

salary taxes and contributions and other taxes;

CIT at the source of payment and advance payments for CIT;

other taxes.

  1. Submission of statistical reporting according to schedule for your business activities
  2. Other activities in area of primary documentation checkup/collection, reconciliation acts and matching of electronic invoices on state portal with 1C or other software; daily bookkeeping activities.


Article is prepared by Ekaterina Kassumova

4th of April, 2022

  • Author: Gunel Musa

Public Relations Manager



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