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New Opportunities in Kyrgyzstan

There are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of opening new branches of a company. New branches mean new opportunities for expanding business and benefiting from new markets, recognition of the company in the other countries and so on. A company without branches is like a big fish in a small pond. So, it is better to be a small fish in the ocean rather than a big fish in the pond. These are a few reasons for opening branches abroad. Only successful companies want and can expand its business as they need wider space for functioning. But success of the branch mainly depends on the parent company, as it is responsible not only for the success of the parent company, but as well as a branch company as well.

FCHAIN is trying to expand its business and “live” in seas and oceans and make its business be recognized by more countries. The FChain Financial Corporation having been functioning since 2002 has opened branches in 9 countries. The Bishkek branch functioning since August 2021 is one of them. Enn Raginskaya has recently been appointed FCHAIN Country Manager in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Currently the branch is being set up and will go on with its full activity in October 2021. It will soon provide high quality services in:

  • accounting;
  • restoration of accounting and tax accounting;
  • preparation of tax reports and tax optimization;
  • legal services;
  • company liquidation;
  • company and individual entrepreneur registration;
  • HR services;
  • outsourcing and outstaffing;
  • payroll services.
  • Author: Nargiz Mammadova

Public Relations Manager



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