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Unified system of accounting for labor contracts (e-HR)

Along with practice around the world, Kazakhstan has introduced the process of mandatory registration of labor contracts in an integrated system on the enbek.kz portal. The relevant Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 321-VI entered into force on May 4, 2020. Now, registration is mandatory, but liability for non-performance is not provided for. However, as the same practice in other countries shows, at the initial stage during the trial run of the portal and the process, responsibility for non-fulfillment was also not introduced, but after some time (3-6 months), various tools were introduced to regulate this process for both employers and employees.

In this article, we propose to consider the innovation on the part of its advantages and register labor contracts voluntarily, without waiting for the state to tighten the screws:

1. Providing access to uniform profiles and labor history of employees (awareness of parallel employment of an employee)
2. Reducing the risks of data falsification (years of service, sick leave, dismissals, notice papers, criminal records, restrictions and prohibitions)
3. The forthcoming refusal to form outgoing documents on personnel (a certificate from the place of work, a certificate of income, letters of appreciation, honorary mentions, certificates)
4. Notification of possible violations of the law (risk-oriented approach)
At present, there is the possibility of registering contracts for each employee separately, which, provided that the staff is over 70-100 people, is quite energy and time-consuming process for the Employer. At the same time, a pilot project is underway to automatically download databases with large companies in Kazakhstan with more than 5,000 employees. it is known from reliable sources that even with a number of over 1000 people, the cost of such a service by the state will amount to several million tenge.

We propose to consider a more advantageous process of registering employment contracts with a team of professionals from FCHAIN in three main steps:
1. Conclusion of a contract for the provision of services for the registration of labor contracts taking into account the conditions of confidentiality of data received from the Client
2. Further, the Client shall provide a list of labor contracts subject to registration with the necessary data (a convenient form of the list is provided by the FCHAIN team)
3. The direct registration process and a report upon completion
What is the benefit?
You – save time and resources of your employees, as well as you are sure to comply with the laws of the labor code without being distracted from the main activities of your business.
We – take the time-consuming work and provide you with a finished result for which we are responsible. With us, the process of registering employment contracts will be easy and understandable!

  • Author: Gunel Musa

Public Relations Manager



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