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Legal services provided by FChain specialists - FCHAIN

Adequate and timely decisions in issues of up-to-date business require much time and effort to    study the features of the current legislation, as well as constant monitoring of all adopted changes. At the same time, there should always be an option for urgent and sensible advice from professionals in order to correct possible mistakes and prevent them in the future. Timely and effective advice on legal issues is also relevant if it is necessary to restore the company’s activities with minimal losses.

 Key parts of the services provided

Legal services from the FChain specialists provide for the opportunity of solving problematic issues in the field of corporate, banking, civil, and directly entrepreneurial law. The list of such services includes:

  • study and analysis of agreements already existing in the client’s company, as well as the formation of further decisions in order to correct introduced errors;
  • providing clear and timely consultations for companies that are going to sign any agreement aimed at fully protecting the interests of the client;
  • drafting agreements, including their templates (e.g. lease, service, transportation of goods, purchase and sale of materials agreements);
  • study and assistance in the consideration of disputes at court sessions;
  • providing advice in various areas of rights and obligations;
  • assistance in compensation for damage and in the process of considering economic disputes;
  • consultation and verification of compliance with all the rules in the execution of credit agreements and overdrafts;
  • formation of the basis for agreements with new partners of the client’s company with a clear definition of its mandatory clauses;
  • development and formation of the correct templates for internal and external documentation;
  • provision and mandatory protection of the company’s interests in working with government agencies and acting regulatory bodies of the country.

Additional benefits of working with professionals from FChain

One of the most serious arguments in favor of the professionals of our team is the attentiveness and accurate performance of the tasks assigned with the obligatory observance of the rules of an individual approach to each individual client. At the same time, the prices for legal services completely depend on the brief list of the assigned work, which means that they remain affordable for both large manufacturing companies and new individual entrepreneurs.

In their work, FChain specialists guarantee not only the absolute legality and transparency of the procedures performed, but also the quality of the result. At the same time, the legal services can be provided on an ongoing and one-time basis. All requests and requirements of the client will be taken into account in the future work of the team, which means that new visitors always have the opportunity to become regular satisfied customers of FChain.

You can start or continue mutually beneficial cooperation with our company by making an appointment by phone. It is from this moment that confidence in the full and successful development of the client’s business emerges.

Yours faithfully,

Lala Mammadova
Business Development Specialist.

  • Author: Gunel Musa

Public Relations Manager



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