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We closed tax reporting for Q4 2022 in February in Kazakhstan, and now it is time to prepare and submit annual tax returns for 2022.

Full list of accounting activities in March you may see below:

  1. Calculation and payment of wages for February: 1 – 10 of March 2023
  2. Submission of tax reporting –


before March, 15

  • submission an excise duty tax return in the form 400.00 and calculation for subdivisions in the form of 421.00


before March, 20

  • EEU for received imports – submission of an import application in the form 328.00 and payment of VAT
  • Tax return on payment for negative environmental impact up to 100 MCI for 2022 in the form 870.00


before March, 20

  • CIT declaration in forms 100.00, 110.00, 150.00 and 180.00 for 2022;
  • Withholding tax calculation for accrued but unpaid amounts of non-resident’s income in the form of 101.04 for the 4th quarter of 2022;
  • IIT declaration on forms 220.00, 240.00 for 2022;
  • Tax declaration for surplus profit on forms 540.00 for 2022;
  • Declaration on taxes on property, land and transport in the form of 700.00 for 2022;
  • Register of lease agreements in the form 871.00 for 2022;
  • Declaration on Special Tax Treatments with deduction for fixed in the form of 912.00 for 2022;
  • Declaration of the single land tax in form 920.00 for 2022;
  • Digital mining fee declaration in the form 880.00 for 2022.


  1. Payment of taxes:

Before March, 6

  • individuals engaged in private practice pay PIT (personal income tax)

before March 20:

  • Excise;
  • EEU taxes;
  • Limit on the redemption fees for emissions into the environment to MCI 100;

Before March, 25

  • salary taxes and contributions and other taxes
  • Withholding tax and advance payments for CIT
  • other taxes


  1. Submission of statistical reporting according to schedule for your business activities
  2. Other activities in area of primary documentation checkup/collection, reconciliation acts and matching of electronic invoices on state portal with 1C or other software; daily bookkeeping activities.




  • Author: Gunel Musa

Public Relations Manager



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