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Holidays and Days off in Kazakhstan for 2023

Article 1 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan about the holidays (national, public, professional, and other holidays) celebrated in the country (amended on September 29, 2022) determines the legal basis of the holidays in the country.

National holidays are considered to have special historical significance for the development of Kazakhstan’s statehood and they are commemorated by conducting official actions in the central and local state authorities.

Public holidays are also days that have social and political value and are celebrated by the citizens of the country. Official actions can also be held on these days.

Professional and other holidays are celebrated by separate categories of citizens, and they do not have the status of national and public holidays.

Article 5 of the corresponding law on national and public holidays is recognized in the Labour Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The holidays are non-working days in the country. Should the holidays fall on weekends, an additional rest day is added to the day off.

According to Article 3 of the Law, the following days are approved as public holidays in 2023:

  1. New Year – January 1,2(as January 1 fell on Sunday an additional rest day- January 3 was added to the day off);
  2. Easter Orthodox Christmas – January 7 (an official holiday since 2007);
  3. The International Women’s Day – March 8;
  4. Nauryz Holiday – March 21 -23(The holiday is celebrated as a symbol of spring, new beginnings, prosperity, and unity by many eastern nations, including the Kazakh people. The first day of Ramadan falls on March 23 in 2023);
  5. The Unity Day – May 1(The holiday has started to be celebrated since the Soviet times);
  6. Defender of the Fatherland Day – May 7(as it falls on Sunday, May 8 is added to the day off. The state Decree was signed on May 7, 1992, to create the National Armed Forces of the country);
  7. Victory Day –May 9(The victory day in World War II);
  8. Eid al-Adha –June 28(The holy day annually dedicated to the pilgrimage to Mecca. The date varies and it is celebrated on the 10th day of the 12th month of the Islamic lunar calendar);
  9. Capital City Day – July 6(July 7 is added to the day off. The capital of Kazakhstan was moved to the city of Akmola on July 6, 1994, and in 1998 its name was changed to Astana. In 2019, it was renamed Nur-Sultan. But according to a decree signed by Kassym Jomart Tokayev, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, it was renamed back to Astana on September 17, 2022);
  10. The Constitution Day – August 30(Constitution Day in the country recognizing the basic principles of the country as a democratic, secular and legal state the highest values of which being the life and basic human rights of the Kazakhstan citizens, was approved at a national referendum on August 1995);
  11. Independence Day – December 16 (as it falls on a Saturday, December 18 is added to the rest day. Kazakhstan declared its independence from the Soviet Union on December 16, 1992).



  • Author: Nargiz Mammadova

Public Relations Manager



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