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Georgia Introduces New Labor Migration Regulations

Starting from September 1, 2023, Georgia is implementing significant changes to its labor migration laws. These amendments, outlined in the “Labor Migration” law, will affect all foreign employees working for Georgian companies. FCHAIN Corporation, with its global presence including a branch in Georgia, is dedicated to providing insights and support to businesses navigating these evolving regulations.

The key points of these changes are as follows:

  1. Mandatory Registration for Georgian Employers:

These new regulations apply to Georgian employers, including legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, as well as representative offices of foreign organizations.

  1. Foreign Workers Without Permanent Residence:

The changes primarily concern foreign workers who do not possess permanent residency in Georgia but are employed by local legal entities.

These amendments introduce several significant rules and obligations:

Mandatory Registration: y Registration: Georgian employers are now obligated to register their foreign labor immigrants. This registration process can be completed on the official website https://labourmigration.moh.gov.ge/. Employers must also report any premature termination or extension of employment contracts.

Additional Key Contractual Terms: Employment contracts between Georgian employers and foreign workers must include essential terms such as the parties’ details, work location, contract effective date, and duration. These contracts must be executed in writing in the Georgian language and the foreign employee’s native language or any language they understand.

Fixed-Term Contracts: The law stipulates that labor contracts can only be entered into for a specific period, and they must be in written form.

Responsibilities for Non-Compliance: Failure to register a foreign labor immigrant within the prescribed timeframe can result in penalties, with fines starting at 1000 Georgian Lari. Additionally, Georgian employers may face consequences for violating the terms of labor contracts, which may lead to warnings or fines of 200 Georgian Lari or more.

These changes underscore Georgia’s commitment to regulating labor migration more effectively, ensuring transparency, and safeguarding the rights of both foreign workers and employers. By implementing these measures, the Georgian government aims to create a more structured and secure labor environment.

Minister for the Economy, European Funds, and Lands, Silvio Schembri, reiterated the importance of these changes, emphasizing the government’s dedication to enhancing the business ecosystem by embracing digitalization. He highlighted how the new online platform aims to facilitate business operations further and underscored the government’s adaptability to the digital landscape.

FCHAIN Corporation maintains its presence in Georgia, we are well-prepared to assist businesses in adapting to these regulatory changes and provide the necessary support during this transition. Our team of experts is dedicated to helping enterprises make the most of the evolving corporate landscape in Georgia.

  • Author: Gunel Musa

Public Relations Manager



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