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Financial Chain Corporation welcomes its new hire on board - FCHAIN

Uzbekistan February 19, 2021: Financial Chain Corporations is delighted to welcome its newest member to the team. Tuygun graduated with a master’s degree from Tashkent Finance University; he majored in accounting, accounting analyzing, and audit faculty. His prior role was as an assistant deputy minister in the ministry of Finance of Uzbekistan.

He is an ex-chief specialist of the formation and development department investment projects in Uzkimesanoat. Tuygun has previously worked as a regional representative in Helbeto Tuketum Urunleri; he has previously been in managerial positions and therefore possesses a lot of expertise and professionalism.

Tuygun is an individual that thinks out of the box and someone that is continuously rethinking scenarios and striving for innovation which is why he is a good fit for the role. Tuygun is also an individual who possesses strong organizational skills and managerial skills, which are apparent from his past roles.

Ever since Tuygun has joined the office, he has been able to exercise his managerial and people skills to attract clients from different localities, including places like Turkey, Uzbekistan, Belgium, India, and China, to name a few. Everyone at FCHAIN works as an integrated team, and Tuygun has been able to gel in with everyone at work and use his skills and expertise to help clients get what they need to create better relationships with our clients.

Tuygun Yunsov is a person who keeps the company’s core values at heart, and while he may not have been at the company for an extended period of time, his performance speaks otherwise. FCHAIN places particular emphasis on giving all its users a personalized approach and a partner that they can rely on.

Tuygun has displayed remarkable practical and hands-on skills and the firm during his short time and has assisted everyone through his experience and knowledge base. We at FCHAIN truly believe that he will continue to inspire and motivate us with his work ethic.

Article is prepared by Syeda Dua Fatima

  • Author: Lala Mammadova

Public Relations Assistant



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