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Financial Chain Corporation at the CEO Breakfast by the Caspian Energy Club

The representatives of Financial Chain Corporation regularly attend the CEO Breakfast Series organized by the Caspian Energy Club, which has become a valuable networking platform giving a good opportunity for the Club members.

The most respected leaders in the business community meet face-to-face with other leaders in the region and share their strategies and measures they take while facing business challenges at the CEO Breakfast. It creates favorable conditions for managers and representatives of companies to promote their services and products not only among members of the Caspian Energy Club but also among non-member companies and organizations. The companies attending the CEO Breakfast develop close relationship between the leaders and contribute to the promotion of the services and products the member companies provide.

Besides, such events are a unique chance for small and medium-sized businesses to meet and communicate with representatives of extensive holdings and multinational companies on a single platform. The networking opportunity stimulates the development and promotion of small and medium-sized businesses as one of the main purposes of the CEO Breakfast Series, paving the way for the development of the economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan. A fruitful exchange of ideas and opinions and discussion of issues and challenges are the main subjects of such events that contribute to the growth of businesses.

At the CEO Breakfast as a Platinum Member of the Caspian Energy Club,  Financial Chain Corporation are represented by Zaur Gadirov, Managing Partner and Gunel Musa, Public Relations Manager.

Mr. Gadirov addressed the participants on behalf of FCHAIN, giving short information about the company and the services, stating that FCHAIN have been functioning for more than 22 years in 15 countries of the world.

It should be noted that Financial Chain Corporation is a Platinum Member of the Club and FCHAIN Managing Partner Zaur Gadirov is a Chairman of the Caspian Energy Club Czechia.

  • Author: Gunel Musa

Public Relations Manager



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