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FCHAIN reopens its office in Georgia - FCHAIN

The pandemic has ended up changing life as we know it, with most offices opting to move for remote work. Since November 28, 2020, our Georgian branch has been working from home during the pandemic; the lockdown had been extended until February 1, 2021 by the government.

February 1 started with relaxation in the lockdown measures, and by February 8, 2021, our employees were able to return to the office.

During the time through which our employees operated remotely, we saw great performance levels by all our staff. Everyone at FCHAIN has been committed to providing our customers with an exemplary level of service. During our time under lockdown, we have been continuously working towards innovation and finding new ways through which we can do things better than before. FCHAIN was previously equipped with modern technologies and a developed infrastructure, which we believe helped us significantly shift towards remote work with ease.

As we return to work, we are more than excited to be able to return to the way things once were. Our company is taking all the necessary precautions during this shift to office work, ensuring that all our employees are as safe as possible. We are also working on a planned, detailed, and meaningful system for testing, screening, and contact tracing. FCHAIN remains committed to ensuring equity, inclusion, and a path to end health and economic disparities. We at FCHAIN consider COVID as a serious risk and are committed to taking whatever measures possible to help prevent further workplace COVID deaths and while returning to the office is a challenge in itself due to the risks our workers will be exposed to, we are willing to take whatever measures we can to ensure that our people are safe and satisfied.

Article is prepared by Syeda Dua Fatima
  • Author: Lala Mammadova

Public Relations Assistant



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