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FCHAIN announces the opening of new office in Uzbekistan - FCHAIN

In January 2020, a new office of FChain was inaugurated in Uzbekistan, which means that our team has become even closer and more accessible for active businesspersons and new firms. As in all other offices, here our customers expect attentive and high-quality service with mandatory consideration of all the requirements and wishes for the further conduct of their business.

The office of the company is always open, both for experienced individual entrepreneurs, large companies, new firms, and for foreign firms.

A wide range of issues to be resolved enables our clients to fully establish the work process, both in administrative and tax spheres, and in legal nuances. At the same time, an individual comprehensive approach to requests guarantees a high-quality result at an affordable price. In fact, only the necessary points of cooperation between FCHAIN and the client are indicated in the contract list.

The effectiveness of cooperation with FCHAIN is determined by the ability not only to timely correct the mistakes made in doing business, but also to prevent the risk of their occurrence in the future. Special attention also deserves the opportunity to clearly and promptly respond to the changes adopted in the current legislation of the country, which eliminates the accrual of any unforeseen fines and penalties, and thereby saving the expenses of the client company. A comprehensive approach to resolving issues makes it possible to make extremely right decisions and continue to develop in constantly changing conditions.

The rapid development at the international level is a vivid proof of the relevance and professionalism of the services provided by FCHAIN specialists.

It remains only to arrange a meeting. Indeed, the most important tasks are committed to the team of FCHAIN professionals!

  • Author: Lala Mammadova

Public Relations Assistant



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