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FCHAIN - 22 Years With You!

Financial Chain Corporation is a leading global outsourcing company providing business services and outsourcing, audit and assurance, legal services, accounting and tax, human resources administration, employer of record and consulting services. Operating as a united partnership, we work as one integrated team, leveraging expertise, scale and cultural. We believe that a better working world is one, where economic growth is sustainable and inclusive. We work continuously to improve the quality of all our services, investing in our people and innovation. And we are proud to work with all our clients and stakeholders, to use our knowledge, skills and expertise. To help fulfill our purpose and to create positive change.

We have consolidated experienced specialists from different related concepts giving the opportunity for our clients to use high quality services, to get competent consultations and to be absolutely sure in excellent service.

Our specialists are qualified economists, certified auditors, lawyers that know their business and authoritative bookkeepers. All of them have wide practical experience in different branches. And all of them are ready to give their experience, knowledge, skills and capabilities at your disposal.

Exclusively responsible experts that understand importance of their work have gathered in our company and are ready to work with all diligence for the blessing of your company’s prosperity.

Do you know how to save on taxes, remaining thus absolutely legislative businessman? Can you prepare documents for enterprise registration quickly and qualitatively? Do you know how to receive the certificate on production of foreign manufacture? Would you be able to defend the interests in dispute with tax authority?

Do not rack your brain over these questions, simply contact us and we will give detailed consultations within the shortest terms or we will independently make all necessary operations.

Contacting our company, you receive not simply the bookkeeper who will watch a state of affairs and to hand over the reporting. All experts of our company always can help you in any, even non-standard situation. We will tell you where is better to execute the contract, where to open the settlement account and when it is necessary to pay taxes. Our knowledge and experience will be enough to keep in absolute safety the activity of your business from bookkeeping point of view.

Those who has contacted us at least once, usually, become our constant clients. After all it is possible to receive not only competent professional, but also simply adviser and also polite and reliable partner with us.

  • Author: Gunel Musa

Public Relations Manager



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