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Discovery of Skills and Talent of Employees

Sometimes people are not fully aware of their personal capacity and abilities themselves. Disclosure, evaluation, and motivation of the talent lead to great achievements. FCHAIN discovers the skills and hidden talents of its employees, who sometimes do not know about themselves, and navigates them because people are the most important investment and capital of the Company. Taking into consideration the interests, skills, ability, and talents of an employee, and evaluating her/his performance, the Company supports and motivates an employee’s career growth.

One of such employees whose hidden talent was discovered by the Company is Abbasova Huriyya.

She graduated from Baku State University with an honors diploma from the faculty of International Relations and Economy, with a specialty in World Economy, in 2017. Huriyya did a Master’s degree at Baku State University, Faculty of International Relations and Economics, in the specialty of International Economic Relations with a Diploma of Excellence in 2019.

She started working at FCHAIN from February to April of 2019 as an intern and from April 2019 to 2021 as a junior accountant. Setting career goals, she continuously strived to up-skill herself and learned new skills. Her diligence and capacity were assessed by the management, and Huriyya was appointed an accountant and had been doing it from November 2021 to May 2022. Working harder, doing and learning more than required helped her to prove her talent, and confidently climbing the career ladder, she became a team leader in May 2022.

Huriyya has a good work ethic, is diligent, purposeful, and ready to master new knowledge.

She does not only develop her professional abilities, but she is also very active outside working hours and does not like to waste her time. Huriyya goes in for sports, takes driving lessons, and enjoys going out with her friends and family. Her hobby is fashion design.

We wish Ms. Abbasova to achieve all her goals in her career and personal life.

  • Author: Nargiz Mammadova

Public Relations Manager



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