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Cooperation of the FCHAIN Georgia with Philip Morris Georgia

Financial Chain Corporation has been proven to be one of the companies providing high-quality services and cooperating with local and foreign companies. Enterprises have started to use outstaffing services recently taking into account all advantages of such services.  The companies are certain using outsourcing services to reduce their administrative costs and give them opportunity to be engaged with the primary functions.

The FCHAIN Corporation- Tbilisi branch cooperates with many companies functioning in Georgia and renders a number of services including outstaffing. Companies needing a specialist for a temporary period of time apply to the Tbilisi branch providing these services and are sure to be offered the required employee without losing time and money for searching the right one. Such employees work for the clients being a part of the intermediary company and are paid by the latter, but from the customer’s budget.   The outstaffed employee works in the office of the client and performs tasks entrusted by the customer.

FCHAIN Corporation Tbilisi has drawn attention of the PM Georgia, a world-known Swiss-American cigarette and tobacco producing international company.  The Tbilisi branch signed an agreement on providing outstaffing services with tobacco giant in June, 2016 and has been cooperating with it since then.  Philip Morris Georgia is a Top employer in Georgia for the 4th consecutive year.

The story of the Company started in 1847 when the family of Philip Morris opened a shop on Bond Street in London selling loose tobacco and pre-rolled cigarettes. Philip’s son Leopold established Philip Morris & Company at the end of the XIX century.

Philip Morris has six out of the top 15 international brands, 71 000 employees in the world, 150 million consumers and its products are sold in more than 180 countries. It is the largest tobacco company in the world after the Chinese National Tobacco Corporation. It sells not only tobacco cigarettes, as well as a vapour-based e-cigarettes being a battery-powered device making nicotine-containing vapour. Such cigarettes were initially sold in Spain and Israel, and have become very popular. There are 400 scientists, engineers and technicians working at new products to satisfy smokers avoiding the negative health effects.

Despite of producing tobacco and cigarettes PMI (Philip Morris International) aiming to produce alternatives for tobacco new smoke-free products.

Jack Olczak, CEO of PMI and former COO said: “We have a commitment to society, which expects us to act responsibly. We are doing just that, by delivering a smoke-free future. More than a decade ago, we set ourselves the goal of creating less harmful alternatives to cigarettes. Millions of men and women worldwide have already switched to our smoke-free products and given up cigarettes completely, and this is just the beginning. A smoke-free future is within our grasp”.








  • Author: Nargiz Mammadova

Public Relations Manager



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