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Cooperation between FCHAIN Dushanbe and Asianplustj.info 

Asianplustj.info news, a leading news portal, started to cooperate with FCHAIN Dushanbe and has become a media partner of the Financial Chain Corporation in Tajikistan. Asia-Plus is an independent media group having been functioning in the media market of Tajikistan for over 20 years and includes a news agency, a publishing house, a TV station, and a radio company. The Asia-Plus newspaper, having been published since January 2000, has a supplement called the VIP zone lifestyle magazine, being very famous in the country. The newspaper was granted the Lohuti Award constituted by the Tajik Journalists’ Union and recognized as “the newspaper of the most efficient and authentic news” by the Ministry of Culture of Tajikistan. The Asia-Plus has the highest circulation in the country and is one of the most readable newspapers in the country.

FCHAIN Dushanbe and the number one news portal, asianplustj.info, started cooperating, the latter will be a media supporter of the Dushanbe branch of the Financial Chain Corporation. The office, having started functioning recently, needs media support to be known in the country and to enter the outsourcing market. The website asianplusj.info will promote the services provided by the professional team giving detailed information about the branch.

We do hope the cooperation between FCHAIN and asianplustj.info will be beneficial for both parties.

  • Author: Gunel Musa

Public Relations Manager



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