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Bahram Baghirzadeh’s Books to be Published in the Czech language

Bahram Baghirzadeh, a member of the Club of the Cheerful and Sharp-witted (CCS ) team “Guys from Baku,” an Honoured Artist of the Azerbaijan Republic, opens his books to the Czech Republic. He has recently signed an agreement with Financial Chain Corporation, and the Czech side has expressed the desire to publish the books of the Azerbaijani author. Mr. Baghirzadeh’s books will be published in the Czech language in Prague. “Baku for children,” “Shusha for Children,”and “Christian Temples of Azerbaijan” are among these books. The author wanted the Czech children to get acquainted with the history and traditions of the ancient cities of Azerbaijan and learn interesting things about our country.

Visiting Prague Bahram Baghirzadeh admired the beauty of Prague, and understood why it was called the Mother of Cities, the Golden City, and the Heart and Conservatory of Europe. And it inspired him to write a book about the capital of Czechia, “Prague for Children.” The author wanted the Czech children to read about their capital city and to acquaint them deeper with Prague through his book, showing them that they were not the only ones to admire and love Prague. According to Mr.Baghirzadeh, everybody who visits this beautiful city falls in love with it and wants to dedicate something to the gorgeous city. Musicians compose songs, but writers and poets writes books and poems. And that is not strange at all.

The presentation of children’s books in the Czech language will be held during the Novruz holiday celebrations in March.

We are sure Mr. Baghirzadeh’s books will draw the attention of the Czech children, and they will know a lot of things not only about Azerbaijan but about the capital city of their country as well.

  • Author: Nargiz Mammadova

Public Relations Manager



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