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A New Gymnastics School in Baku

A new sports club and hall ”ProSport” was opened on September 4 at the Olympic Star sports complex in Baku. The founders of the club are the international referees and coach Leyla Huseynli and Samira Salimzadeh. Adolescent girls aged 3 to 12 to take up rhythmic gymnastics and boys to go in for acrobatics at “Prosport” gymnastic school.

Valid Huseynov (Deputy General Manager), Zaur Gadirov (Managing Partner) and Nargiz Mamadova (PR Manager) represented Financial Chain Corporation, the general sponsor of “ProSport” at the event. FCHAIN is a company discovering and supporting talented adolescents and teenagers believing in their successful future. The hashtag “#Betterfuture with healthy youth” is our slogan and we are happy to have been provided with a chance to contribute to the happy, healthy, successful life of the future generation.

Addressing the participants, Zaur Gadirov, Managing Partner of the company, greeted all the guests and congratulated everybody on the start of the new sports school and expressed his pleasure and happiness at getting an opportunity to contribute to the development of children’s sports and healthy future. Speaking about L.Huseynli’s and S. Salimzadeh’s rich experience, as a coaching staff with high ambitions in the development of gymnastics, he mentioned it to be one of the key factors leading to cooperation with ProSport and expressed confidence in achieving high goals with the joint efforts very soon.

Mentioning the strategic plan of the company for 2022-2025, he expressed the readiness and willingness of the company to support young athletes not only in gymnastics but in other sports as well. Mr Gadirov thanked everyone for the work done for the cooperation, particularly Nargiz Mammadova, PR Manager who had put a lot of effort into the project.
Summing up his speech, the Managing Partner of FCHAIN congratulated the ProSport team on a remarkable day once again and wished them great victories.

  • Author: Gunel Musa

Public Relations Manager



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