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A Cooperation Agreement with Huawei Technologies Azerbaijan LLC

We are pleased to inform you that in July 2022 Financial Chain Corporation LLC concluded a recruitment service agreement with Huawei Technologies Azerbaijan LLC. It was signed by Namig Gadirov, General Director of Financial Chain Corporation LLC and Xu Hui, General Director of Huawei Technologies Azerbaijan LLC.

Founded in Shenzhen, a southern Chinese city, on September 15, 1987, as a rural sales agent for Hong Kong-based phone and cable network, Huawei has grown and become the world’s largest supplier of telecommunication equipment and the second largest manufacturer of smartphones competing against Apple and Samsung. It operates in over 170 countries and has about 195 000 employees serving more than three billion people in the world, including over 80 000 research and development employees in Germany, Sweden, the UK, the USA, France, Italy, Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Russia, India, and China.

Huawei is wholly owned by employees, including its founder Ren Zhengfei (born in October 1944), who is both the founder and CEO of Huawei Technologies. According to the Forbes Global Rich List, Ren Zhengfei ranked 2378 with a wealth of 1.3 billion US dollars.

The founder of the company saw a slogan on a wall “Zhonghua youwei” meaning “China has promised”. He needed a name for his enterprise. Zhonghua or Hua means China, youwei means “promising/to show promise”. Thus, Ren Zhengfei called his company Huawei.

The flower-shaped logo symbolizes the Hua meaning petals or lavish in China, and the second syllable in the name means achievement or action.

Huawei Technologies is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development (R&D), production, and marketing of communication equipment, established in 1988. It provides customized network solutions for telecom carriers in optical, fixed, mobile, and data communications networks. The customers of the Company are China Telecom, China Mobile, China Netcom, China Unicom, Thai AIS, Telefonica, SingTel, Hutchison Telecom, PSSW HKT SUNDAY, Etisalat (UAE), Telemar (Brazil), Rostelecom (Russia), and so on.

Huawei is the third biggest global manufacturer of routers, switches, and other telecommunication equipment after Alcatel-Lucent and Cisco, recently joining the ultra-competitive smartphone race.

Being customer-centric, i.e., working closely with customers, the Company set up 15 research institutes and centers and 36 joint innovation centers working with leading carriers in the world to customize technologies for each carrier’s needs.

In 2016 Huawei was ranked the 46th most innovative global company by Boston Consulting Group.

Huawei Technologies Azerbaijan LLC has successfully been operating in Azerbaijan for over 17 years. Xu Hui, General Director of Huawei Technologies Azerbaijan said: “We are very grateful for the trust of the Azerbaijani government, customers, and people. We will adhere to the “In Azerbaijan, for Azerbaijan” philosophy, continue to create value for customers, make contributions to the industry, and give back to the local community”.

Financial Chain Corporation does hope this cooperation to be long-term and successful being certain of the high-quality services provided by its staff.


  • Author: Gunel Musa

Public Relations Manager



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