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What is e-Governmentor e-Devlet in Turkey?

What is e-Government and How Can Foreigners in Turkey Get e-Devlet?


e-Government is an online program in which the government provides its services to citizens as well as foreign nationals who have residence cards in Turkey.


e-Government means the provision of services provided to citizens by the state in a completely easy and very secure electronic format.


It is aimed to deliver state services to the citizens in the easiest and most effective way, in a quality, fast, uninterrupted, and safe manner. You can access e-Government through this link.

Frequently Asked Questions about e-Government system in Turkey (e-Devlet)


How do I get an e-Government? – How do I register for e-Government?


To access the e-Government system in Turkey (e-Devlet), you must go to the PTT (Turkish Post Office) with your Turkish residence permit card and ask for a password (e-Devlet sifresi). You can get it from PTT branches for 2 Turkish Liras. By entering the site, enter your ID number and password that you received from PTT, and consider a new password for yourself.

The condition for registration in the e-Government system in Turkey (e-Devlet) is to have a valid Turkish residence card or to have a certificate of protection from the Turkish government.

Remember that e-Government is very important in Turkey, so never share the password with a stranger.


What are the e-Government system services that foreigners in Turkey can benefit from?


The services provided to the citizens of the Republic of Turkey, Blue Card holders and foreigners who have a Turkey residence permit (or valid work permit) and foreigner ID number can be broadly grouped as follows:


  • Information Services
  • Integrated Electronic Services
  • Payment Transactions
  • Shortcuts to Institutions and Organizations


In addition, the sharing of information and documents between public institutions is provided by the services offered by e-Government.

Foreigners under temporary protection who are registered in the competent authorities of the Republic of Turkey and have a valid ID number starting with 99 can perform the following transactions through e-Government.


What services does e-Government provide?


20 services provided by e-Government in Turkey are:

  1. Social security and health insurance follow-up,
  2. Monitoring of working hours,
  3. Inquiry of criminal records and Creation of Judicial Record Documents,
  4. Court case file inquiry,
  5. Motor vehicle registration, vehicle tax, tax and follow-up of violations,
  6. Penalty Inquiry Written on the Vehicle Plate,
  7. Driver’s License and Criminal Inquiry Written to Persons,
  8. OGS (Automatic Pass System) Pass Information Inquiry,
  9. Fast Pass System (HGS) Account Information Inquiry,
  10. Monitoring of registered mobile phone lines under your name,
  11. Registration of IMEI for mobile phones entering the country from abroad,
  12. Tax debt follow-up,
  13. Obtaining information about agricultural land,
  14. Application to the Turkish Employment Agency,
  15. Follow-up of university registration and student documents,
  16. Making a BIMER Application,
  17. TCIP Policy Inquiry,
  18. Deed Information Inquiry,
  19. Address Change Notification,
  20. Citizenship proceedings.


In addition, to enter other services you can also enter e-NABIZ or MHRS, via your Turkish ID number and e-government password. e-NABIZ is a personal health record system where you can manage your personal health information. MHRS is a Central Physician Appointment System that provides examination appointment services to all health institutions and organizations affiliated to the Ministry of Health.


What is the age limit for having an e-Government in Turkey?


Only people who have completed 15 years old can register in the e-Government system in Turkey and receive their password.


Are the documents I received from the e- Devlet or e-Government valid in all official institutions and transactions?


All documents created and downloaded on the e-Government portal have the required certificate with an e-signature displayed in barcode format and are valid in all official transactions and institutions.

All documents can be downloaded with a QR tracking code (QR code), which confirms the authenticity of the document.


What should I do if I forgot my e-Government password?


You can change your password by clicking I forgot my password (Sifremi unuttum) and get the code sent to your mobile phone or e-mail registered in the e-Government system.

The 2nd way, if you have a bank account in Turkey and you have access to Internet Banking through your mobile phone, you can also log in to e-Government by first entering Internet Banking.

If you could not access your previous password in these two ways, the 3rd way is to go to your regional post office PTT and ask for a new password. For re-passwords, 4 Turkish Liras will be asked from you.

  • Author: Gunel Musa

Public Relations Manager



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