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1C Programming and its Development

1C is a program used for planning and management in different sectors of commercial and non-commercial organizations. Due to its unique infrastructure, it enables various enterprises to adopt its programs. It was developed by Boris Nuraliyev in 1991, and the first version of the application was for the MS-DOS operating system. He called it “1C: Accounting 3.0”. Later, version 4.0 and then version 5.0 appeared. In 1995, “1C Accounting 6.0 was designed based on the Windows 95 operating system.

Why 1 C?   There are a few versions of the origin of the name:

1) The name is associated with the name of the search program, i.e., no more than 1 second is required to get information;

2) Seeing a nonprofessional accounting program on the screen of his brother’s (Sergey Nuraliyev) computer, meaning “Sergey has made it by himself);

3) The first handwritten letter of the Hebrew alphabet, “aleph”;

4) In the meaning of Sort 1 or the First Company;

5) As the only key on the keyboard, the spelling of which is the same both in Latin and Cyrillic;

6) B.Nuraliyev came for the first time to present his unknown program and said: We have very good and new software, and if there is something wrong, just wait “1 second”.

In 1992 Nuraliyev’s brother Sergey created the first program for accountants. Work on 1C Enterprise started in 1994 and was ready two years later. It was the first success that provided an opportunity to accountants:

  • to enter all the necessary information into the computer;
  • to find the needed data in the shortest time possible;
  • to use the required formulas for financial estimates.


This system makes the accountants’ work of very easy, minimizing human error. The difference between “Enterprise” and the software of other companies is the presence of a built-in macro programming language, making it easy to work with the program.


Nuraliyev developed the other parts of the Enterprise along with Accounting, and in 1997 he designed the program “1C: Enterprise 7.0”.  “1C: Enterprise 7.7” became one of the most popular programs, and though its sales started in 1999 and are discontinued now, this version is still widely used.


“1C: Enterprise 8” was developed in 2002, and later, the program “cloud technologies” was introduced to the users to store the databases in cloud services, making the use of the program more accessible.


In 2011 the company introduced “cloud technologies” into the software, allowing users to store their databases in cloud services, simplifying the use of the program.

The advantages of 1C: Enterprise are:

  • giving an opportunity of doing two things: to create business solutions from scratch and customize existing solutions for end-user;
  • Mobile Platform allowing to create of applications for the mobile OS (iOS, Android, Windows);
  • flexible and powerful reporting system being very important component of any business system;
  • Data exchange technology enables developers to create locally distributed information systems providing an opportunity to exchange data in offline mode.


1C: Payroll and HR management configuration ensures an efficient personnel record keeping and calculating the salary of the employees for enterprises of any type. All tax and payroll charging processes, as well as salary calculation are fully automated.

1C: Accounting simplifies bookkeepers’ work by automating multiple and complicated accounting calculations. Bookkeepers appreciate the opportunity of using this software for a variety of enterprises with different taxation systems (income tax, VAT, single tax). Besides, it is considered the most popular software for bookkeeping.

1C: Enterprise 8 is a complete solution for enterprises in realizing key tasks of management and planning for the organization.

1C is the leader among ERP systems having entered the markets of Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan, and its programs have been published in Romania, Bulgaria, Vietnam, China, and Poland.

1C: Enterprise 8.3, the latest version, has improved platform performance and full-text search and made other improvements.

Financial Chain Corporation is an official partner of 1C, and the staff of our company is qualified to carry out the tasks associated with the automated management and accounting of enterprises professionally using the software 1C while providing services. The experienced team of FCHAIN offers advice and assistance in choosing the right software, provides technical support and regular updates, information support, and software user training, as well as IT specialists, realize configuration and installation, and other issues related to 1C: Enterprise programs.

The FCHAIN branches in 13 countries render advertising, information, and technical support to our clients. The success of our clients is also our company’s success. The professional and skilled team of Financial Chain Corporation will consult and give all kinds of support connected with 1C: Enterprise programs and services.

Entrust your work to reliable and competent professionals if you want to get the needed results leading to the development of your company.


 “I like the words of Lewis Carrol: to stand still, you need to run all the time, and to move forward, and you need to run twice as fast.  By the way, “1C” was originally the name of our search program: no more than 1C (second) was required to get the required information. To be alive in business means to be fast and agile. And always remember: Tomorrow starts today” (B. Nuraliyev).

So, start your tomorrow with us today to succeed in your business!







  • Author: Gunel Musa

Public Relations Manager



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