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Always reliable communication with our reliable partner   - FCHAIN

December 3, 2020 we will be marking two years of our cooperation with Azercell Telecom,  the leading mobile operator in Azerbaijan and a partner with whom one can and should be proud of.

For more than eighteen years of their work, employees of the Financial Chain Corporation had to provide services to companies and organizations of various profiles and sizes. Among them were both small and medium-sized businesses and large transnational corporations. Almost all of them later became our good friends and partners for a long time.

Azercell Telecom mobile operator, our reliable client and partner and one of the most famous brands in the country, is an illustration of such relationships. It is difficult to find a person in Azerbaijan who would not have heard of this company, since neither a student nor a pensioner can live even a day without a mobile communication.

  • Reference. This December it will be twenty-four years since Azercell Telecom entered the mobile communications market of Azerbaijan. Since then, it has developed rapidly, and already in 2000 received the International Certificate of Conformity ISO 9001, and, six years later, it was awarded the IIP Standard Certificate. Azercell Telecom was the official sponsor of the song contest in the capital of Baku — «Eurovision -20012» and it is one of the indicators of the company’s success, its social and national orientation.

From the very beginning of our partnership 2 years ago to the present day, the specialists of the Financial Chain Corporation have been providing outstaffing services for Azercell Telecom, that is, they delegate their employees to their team to solve certain production tasks. The management of Azercell Telecom notes in their letter of recommendation: «over the period of cooperation, the specialists of FChain have confirmed their high professionalism, striving to fulfill the assigned tasks in the best possible way, and also showed efficiency and individual approach to solving emerging issues.» Of course, we are inspired and pleased with such a response and assessment of the work of our specialists. Moreover, we understand very well what difficult and global tasks our employees and the entire Azercell Telecom team had to solve during this time and even more so in today’s difficult conditions of the global economic crisis.

  • As of the end 2020, Azercell Telecom’s mobile coverage area in Azerbaijan is almost 82%. A roaming agreement has been signed with more than 160 countries around the world, and the number of subscribers in the country exceeds five million, which is almost half of the country’s mobile telecommunications market. After the enterprises of the oil sector, the company is the second in Azerbaijan in terms of taxes paid to the budget.

According to Azercell Telecom, our cooperation is based on consideration of mutual interests and sincere trust, and this is the basis for the high quality of services provided. In turn, our employees also emphasize the high level of training of Azercell specialists, they are ready to continue to do everything possible for the prosperity of their famous partner.

We are grateful to the management of Azercell Telecom for their trust, consistency in cooperation, and for the positive recommendations expressed to us. The Financial Chain Corporation is confident that the more such powerful and patriotically oriented enterprises as Azercell Telecom are in our country, the stronger our economy, our country will be, and the better our citizens will live in it.

  • Author: Lala Mammadova

Public Relations Assistant



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