We will always be proud of customers and partners like Microsoft!

    Published: 14.10.2020 | Author: lmammadova

    Microsoft Corporation (Microsoft) has been a client of FChain for almost fifteen years, and our fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation lasts for the same number of years.

    A particular company is often characterized not only by its own experience and the services it provides to its clients, but also by these clients themselves. Especially, when this client is a huge and reputable company known all over the world. Tell me, is it possible today in the civilized world to find a person who has not heard of Microsoft Corporation? Or about one of its creators, Bill Gates? Or really find someone who has never used any of the products of this company?

    Most of you, for sure, are now reading these lines on a computer screen with Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and many other useful office applications developed by this company.
    Here are some dry but very impressive facts to refresh your Microsoft knowledge:
    • Microsoft Corporation is a huge multinational company that produces software for many types of computing equipment. These are personal computers and mobile phones, game consoles and other useful gadgets. The company is headquartered in the United States of America, in the city of Redmont. The total staff of the corporation is about 140 thousand people. Microsoft products are sold in nearly 90 countries around the world, and their software has been translated into almost 50 different languages.
    According to the authoritative Forbes magazine, the corporation increased the growth rate of brand value by 30%, in 2020 and, with $ 162.9 billion of capitalization, it ranks third in the ranking of the most expensive brands in the world.
    Financial Chain Corpration does not know how many thousands out of billions of profits Microsoft has made with our help in recent years. But, neither we, nor the Microsoft representative in Azerbaijan have any doubts that there is also a small merit in this. This was evidenced by the letter of gratitude sent to our company by the head of the representative office of “Microsoft Azerbaijan” Sarkhan Hashimov.
    FChain has been providing a variety of accounting services to its clients since the end of 2005. When the Microsoft branch just entered the Azerbaijani market, they immediately needed a professional consultant to conduct accounting and financial accounting in accordance with the standards existing in our country, as well as with the internal procedures and corporate accounting rules that exist at Microsoft. And who in Azerbaijan can do this work better than we and organically link these two requirements together?! The question is rhetorical.) Since then, our cooperation has continued, which over time has changed the direction and depth of work, but left the main thing – trust based on the professional attitude of our employees. Therefore, to the list of our accounting services, gradually and with a number of changes in the labor legislation of the country, a personnel audit was added, which we periodically conduct in the Azerbaijani branch of Microsoft, in full compliance with the requirements of the Labor Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
    We are especially pleased that Sarkhan Gashimov positively evaluates all our joint experience of cooperation, and characterizes our team of specialists as reliable, inventive and diligent partners with excellent management and organizational skills, and he recommends cooperation with the Financial Chain Corpration to all, without exception, participants in the financial and industrial markets of Azerbaijan. It is fair to say that we say the same good words about Sarkhan and the entire Microsoft company in our country. Financial Chain Corpration is also openly proud of this collaboration and experience. Thank you very much, Microsoft, for your trust and collaboration!

    Information prepared by
    Lala Mammadova,
    Public Relations Assistant

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