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    100022, 77, Babur street, Yakkasaray district, Tashkent city, Uzbekistan
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    Email: tashkent@f-chain.com

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    About the company

    Well-structured consultations and thorough examination of all details provide an opportunity to offer really clear and effective options for solving financial, legal and management issues. Coordinated interaction between specialists guarantees adequacy and balance in the performance of works and decision-making. After all, it is in this situation that clients of the branch of Financial Chain Corporation in Uzbekistan can count on a high level of service and a reliable result of cooperation.

    Features of cooperation

    The company team has experienced accountants, meticulous auditors, reliable economists and responsible lawyers. Each of them is a professional who continues to refine existing skills and always remains open to new knowledge and requirements. Continuous self-improvement, certification checks and effective trainings make it possible to meet all the most serious requirements of our clients, and therefore to guarantee a timely qualitative result.

    That is why the branch of Financial Chain Corporation in Uzbekistan remains the best choice for local entrepreneurs and foreign businessmen. All issues are resolved with obligatory accounting of requirements and orders of the current legislation of the country.

    Key persones

    Mahbuba Ergasheva

    Country manager

    Ikrom Usmanov

    Senior Accountant

    Advantages of Financial Chain Corporation services offered in Uzbekistan

    Timely professional advice of the specialist is especially valuable for enterprises in a non-standard situation for them. At the same time, it is always possible to independently order an audit and correct all errors in the work of employees before they are detected by the supervisory authorities and will lead to serious fines and sanctions on business activities.

    At the same time, all corrections and full restoration of financial and economic activities of the company will be carried out within the framework of the current law. This also applies to working with enterprises that already have restrictions and fines from supervisory authorities. After all, the professional will be able to organize the work in such a way that the full development of the company starts as quickly as possible and with the lowest costs related to the payment of penalties, fines and penalties.

    Almost all new customers become permanent partners, which means that Financial Chain Corporation is really the best!

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