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    In 2015, the network of our enterprises has stepped into the Russian market, thereby uniting the consulting trends of three important economic zones through the active implementation of the modern business projects. Financial Chain Corporation has an office in the capital of the largest state of the world – economic, historical and cultural center of the Russian Federation – Moscow.

    Being not only one of the largest inhabited cities in the world, but also the international business center, Moscow has been recognized as the leader in terms of providing business services in 2015 according to research of the world consulting agencies, and second only to Baku.

    Today Financial Chain Corporation provides Russian entrepreneurs a wide range of outsourcing services and specializes in accounting, legal, audit, tax, personnel and migratory customer services.

    Moreover, following the modern level of information technology, we offer licensed software and hardware solutions for businesses on the basis of 1C, as well as products from software companies Oracle and SAP with the possibility of a permanent technical and advisory support of our experts.

    We will provide you with the highest level of service, as due to the years of practice of consulting services in Europe and the Middle East, FChain have received invaluable practical experience and has invested all its resources in the development of outsourcing service in Russia. If you need a reliable consultant and an experienced business partner, we will be glad to see you in our office in Moscow.

    So, if:

    • your company needs a modern and promising ideas for business development;
    • you do not have enough practical experience in implementation of complex projects;
    • you’r aiming to increase the investment rating of the company by stabilizing the balance sheet, using the financial analysis;
    • you are tired of constant problems with taxes and accounting;
    • you need an experienced lawyer, who will assist in the paperwork, provide help with registration of business or liquidation of enterprise and will participate in many other legal matters;
    • departments of your company are not effective or not up to the task – for any of these issues FChain invites customers from Russian Federation for consultation and productive cooperation.

    Key persons

    Gevond Naskidashvili

    Managing Partner

    Lyudmila Vlasenko

    General Manager

    Viktoriya Talikova

    Deputy General Manager

    Anna Rekuha

    Head of Accounting Department (General taxation system)

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