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FCHAIN branch in Kyrgyzstan to open in autumn 2020 - FCHAIN

One of the most effective ways of business development is the optimal combination of intensive and extensive directions. FCHAIN Corp. also uses this model — along with the expansion of the range of services that the company can offer to its customers, from the very beginning a course was taken to develop the promising markets of the countries of the former USSR and for the gradual entry into the countries of the European Union.

Our branches in Georgia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, and in the Czech Republic have been successfully functioning for a long time and have shown their results. The next in the long-term plan of the company’s management is the opening of an office in the capital of Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek. This event is important and solemn for us, and it is scheduled for this autumn. The only thing that can slightly hinder this event and postpone the opening date is the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, which, unfortunately, has not passed the Kyrgyz Republic either.

The FCHAIN office in Bishkek will not differ from the central office or other branches of the company in terms of the range and level of services provided. This means that potential clients from Kyrgyzstan will be able to receive our main set of offers for outsourcing services:

  • Accounting services, including all types of tax, accounting and corporate accounting, as well as preparation of reports in accordance with international standards;
  • Expert legal services and consultations;
  • Services for the registration of legal entities and for opening accounts with European banks;
  • Services related to personnel issues, including records management and payroll.


FCHAIN also plans to recruit local employees by qualifications related to its main activities, which will create additional jobs in the city.

All news, including the actual timing of the launch of the branch will be promptly reflected on the company’s website: https://f-chain.com/newsroom

Zaur Gadirov, the FCHAIN Corp. Managing Partner supervises and leads the opening of a new office in Bishkek. Almost ten years ago, Zaur began his career in the company and during this time, he has done serious work on its development. Through his efforts, FCHAIN reached the forefront, which it now occupies in its sector. This means that our clients in Kyrgyzstan can be sure that the level of professionalism, quality of services and servicing in the Bishkek branch will meet the highest standards, which the company has strictly adhered to since its foundation.

Lala Mammadova,
Business Development Specialist

  • Author: Lala Mammadova

Public Relations Assistant



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