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A Person Who Enjoys Working with Numbers

Sevda Babayeva has been working at Financial Chain Corporation for six years. She started her career at our company in 2016 as Assistant Finance Manager, performing documentation work, preparing and submitting invoices both to local and foreign companies by applying for the 1C program, and executing tasks on the online banking and tax systems. Having worked at this position for three years, the effective performance of her job did not remain unnoticed by the head of the Company, and she was appointed Head of the AP/AR Department. Her job duties included the preparation of statistical reports, monthly VAT reports, unified declarations, quarterly reports, and so on.

Sevda Babayeva was appointed Head of the Payroll Department in January 2021, and she has been holding this position up to the present.  Sevda Babayeva prepares statistical reports, and unified declarations, and conducts online and offline meetings with new clients.  She has learned a lot while performing her duties, including team management skills, quality control of employees’ work, and other new things.

Her interest in working with numbers and love for mathematics led her to enter the faculty of mathematics at Baku State University and become a mathematician. After graduating from university, she got a master’s degree in math.

Mrs. Babayeva says one should love accounting and enjoy working with numbers and must work tirelessly and be very patient to be able to work at FCHAIN.  She thinks that big goals can be achieved gradually after attaining small ones.

Sevda Babayeva loves the work she performs and has been doing it with great pleasure. Mrs. Babayeva is very attentive at work, and she knows that a small mistake can cause a huge problem if you are inattentive at work, especially if you work with numbers.  She says she has been working at Financial Chain Corporation for six years and comes to work with the same enthusiasm, positive feelings, and high energy every day. Mrs. Babayeva agrees with the opinion that a person rushing to work in the morning and home in the evening is happy.

Sevda Babayeva is married and has two young children. Her hobby is reading, but she says that she sometimes has to put her hobby aside to spend more time with her family and friends, as she values the latter more.

Sevda Babayeva has good oral and written communication skills, and a strong work ethic, and is a dedicated, diligent, helpful, and responsible team player.  We are very happy to have Mrs. Babayeva in the FCHAIN family.


  • Author: Nargiz Mammadova

Public Relations Manager



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