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A Massive fire Engulfed FCHAIN Moscow Office

On June 3, a fire broke out at the Grand Setun Plaza business centre in western Moscow and covered four floors of the building including the office premises of the Moscow branch of the Financial Chain Corporation located in this business centre. Fortunately, the people, including the FCHAIN were rescued from the building.

The fire was thought to have been caused by a short circuit as a result of improper installation of lighting system on the facade of the building, but the exact cause is not known yet.

The fire has engulfed the first four floors of the building, covering 1.000 square metres. Over 120 people had been rescued from the burning business centre by firefighters, as the Russian Emergency Ministry spokesman reported. Two of them have been injured in the blaze, but their lives are said to be out of danger and the search for people continues.

180 fire-fighters, dozens of vehicles, and three helicopters are said to have been engaged to combat the fire.

FCHAIN regrets hearing about the fire and does hope there is no loss of human life and wishes less property damage as a result of fire. The fire has caused stress to everybody in the building, as well as the FCHAIN Moscow staff. We do hope the office to restore the damage caused by the fire and start normal functioning very soon, and not to make our clients wait too long.


Nargiz Mammadova,

Public Relation Manager



  • Author: Nargiz Mammadova

Public Relations Manager



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